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Netflix Searches For The Next Big Hip-Hop Star with New Competition Series "Rhythm + Flow"!

09-27-2019 by Maryssa Rillo

( @ Netflix)


We’ve all watched those music competition shows, right? The ones that star celebrity judges and contestants competing to be the best musician, singer, or dancer. You know, the ones like “American Idol”, “The Voice”, or even “Dancing with the Stars”? Well, Netflix is releasing their own original competition show called “Rhythm + Flow”, and this one is way different from all the others...


First, it’s different because of the judges. Sheesh, you need to sit down for this one because these judges are STARS. The judges for the show include Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. Whaaaaa?! I think I just did a happy dance.



This will also be the first hip-hop competition show ever. The contestants will compete to see who has the best rhythm and flow. Check out the official (NSFW) trailer below.




Did that not get you excited? I’m ready to see music history. The show looks so good! Basically, the judges are trying to discover the next big hip-hop star. The contestants on the show are all from either Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or New York City. With these judges, I know the talent is going to be amazing!


Cardi B even gave us a little sneak peek about how hard it was to judge the show.



@chancetherapper @troubleman31 it’s been a long day?????.......stay tune....I’m shaaad?

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Jan 29, 2019 at 5:51pm PST


If Cardi is emotional, and if Cardi says the talent is amazing, you know the talent is real. I literally cannot wait for this show to premiere on October 9! This is definitely going to be a really good three weeks. Or, like Cardi says, “Litty like a ….” You know how the rest goes.