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Nathan Fielder Is Back With Bonkers New Special For HBO!

07-07-2022 by Zachary DePiore



Good new, Nathan Fielder fans -- the comedian is coming out with a new show for the first time in years! "The Rehearsal" is the name for his latest enigmatic project that has been picked up by HBO.



The show will center around an interesting concept. In this parody of reality TV, Nathan sets out to minimize or diminish the amount of variables one will experience in every day life. He’ll meet with people struggling to handle the anxiety or nervousness of upcoming situations or moments in their life. Nathan will use various sets, actors, and props to rehearse the stressful interactions with them in hopes that they can better handle what they’re going to go through.
One thing this show has in common with previous shows is the premise. Here, his premise involves reaching out to others to solve their problems, but the execution or “pitch” to solve said problems ends up being bizarre and slightly dangerous. This usually creates a funny paradox, with Nathan turning into a poor listener and helping people in all the wrong ways.
In the trailer, the participants seem willing, if not just polite. For the people apart of this project, the premise would theoretically mean a possible overcoming of their fears. For Nathan, though, it seems to be a challenge, something that’s part-exposure therapy and part-thought experiment. How much harm can be erased if the unpredictable can be erased? Nathan sees it as a quest to find out if this connection is even true in the first place. This will be the bizarre part of the premise that will make Nathan’s clients question how dedicated he really is to fixing their issues.
Blending reality and fiction has been his forte for a while, as it also served as a blueprint for "Nathan For You", a show he created and wrote for, and "How to with John Wilson", a show he still produces for another comedian.
The Rehearsal comes out July 15th. Hopefully, it’ll be as funny and as absurd as any of this other past projects!