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ICYMI: Step Aside, Boys, Elizabeth Banks's 'Charlie's Angels' Are Here To Save The Day!

07-06-2019 by D.J. Rivera

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Action has a new set of heroes and evil has a new enemy in the form of 3 badass operatives resurrected for the modern day by writer-directorElizabeth Banks. James Bond can hang up his Walther PPK, Ethan Hunt can heal up from all the impossible missions he takes on, and Jason Bourne can stop remembering his past, because this Fall, the Angels are back and they look better than ever.




Since the 1970s, Charlie's Angels have always provided security and investigative skills to private clients, and now it seems the Townsend Agency has expanded internationally. With this expansion comes new personnel. Now that their jurisdiction is global, it means there are multiple teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs across the world. Only the smartest, most fearless, most highly-trained women all over the planet are called upon to take on these dangerous tasks. Our newest group of Angels comes together when a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology. The Angels are then called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all, and, man, do they look good doing it.

If looks could kill, the bad guys wouldn't have a chance against these 3 talented action heroes. Even if beauty was a deadly weapon, it doesn't seem like Charlie's Angels would need it, considering they show a keen ability to take down whoever is in their way with anything they can get their hands on. And if I'm being honest, the newest lineup is probably the best one yet. Indie powerhouseKristin Stewart proves that she is one of the most well-rounded actors in the game today. I genuinely feel that there is no role she can't own. From the looks of the promo, Stewart crushes it as Sabina Wilson, the hard-partying, highly-skilled wild card, which, for whatever reason, just feels right. Was she born to play this role? I feel very confident that's the case, but only time will tell. 

Alongside her is Ella Balinska, who plays Jane Kano. Balinska's character is the ex-MI6 muscle of the group, and she makes her presence felt, whether with her fists or firepower. Just from the few moments seeing her in action in the trailer proves that she is a force to be reckoned with on-screen, and I'd be surprised if this doesn't launch her career into the stratosphere. I mean, this girl takes down the worst of the worst without breaking a sweat. I'm just throwing this out there, but with Daniel Craig retiring from Bond after the next movie, Balinska should be on top of the list for 007 status, for real!

And rounding out the group is franchise favorite, Naomi Scott. Scott is no stranger to action, having already played the Pink Power Ranger to the best of her abilities despite having little to work with in terms of direction or story. Her run in Aladdin as the courageous Princess Jasmine only continues to show her versatility as an actress and solidifies her as one of the game's biggest stars. In Charlie's Angels, she flawlessly takes on the role of Elena Houghlin, the fish-out-of-water MIT-trained scientist and has been described as the heart of the movie by the film's director. If Scott wasn't a household name before this, she definitely will be once the credits roll.

Then you have the Boseleys, which only adds to the greatness of what this film could be. Banks had decided to retcon the character into a rank and make several different versions of the handlers for the Angels. I think that's a genius idea, and when you realize that Banks herself plays one of them and the other two are pleasantly portrayed by the magnificent Djimon Hounsou and acting legend Patrick Stewart, you know audiences are in for one wild ride when the Angels make their triumphant return to the big screen.




Look, you are talking to a guy who absolutely loved the 2000 Charlie's Angels starring Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore. They were a fun, refreshing take on the action spy world that I felt was necessary, given that, at that point, the industry was churning out carbon copies of past espionage thrill rides that were beginning to feel very mediocre. This mix of humor and action combined with exemplary performances from its cast, as well as the impressive fight choreography, put the franchise back on the map. And while the sequel wasn't up to par with its predecessor, I'd say the first remake attempt was a success, thus paving the way for the upcoming high-octane remake. Since Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, I've been patiently waiting through reboot after reboot for Charlie to call upon his Angels once again. All good things come to those who wait, and now it's time for all that patience to pay off. All in all, Elizabeth Banks looks like she has done a stellar job with turning an old TV show into an enticing film, which is no easy feat, and everyone else involved just feels right. Here is to looking forward to these ladies crushing it at the box office later this year and to the start of a very successful franchise.

Charlie's Angels opens in theaters on November 15, 2019.