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New Live Nation AR App Set To Revolutionize The Music Festival Experience!!

07-05-2019 by Julia Hutchens

  ( © Corey Perrine/Getty Images)  


Everyone deserves to have a whimsical, care-free experience at their favorite music festivals. After all, we’ve been looking forward to them all year! But sometimes music festivals can cause headaches, especially when they’re hosted at monster venues. Whether you have a difficult time keeping track of stage schedules, struggle to get close enough to your favorite artists, or simply can’t make it to your choice festival this year, Live Nation has got you covered.


That’s right, Live Nation, the world’s leading entertainment company, is stepping up their game by creating more customizable and immersive ways for their fans to connect with their favorite artists and brands at live music events across the globe. Recently, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, the entertainment giant unveiled a suite of customized augmented reality products, debuting this September at the 25th annual Music Midtown Festival. Why are these new AR features important? Well, according to Kevin Chernett, EVP of Global Partnerships & Content Distribution for Live Nation, “More than 90% of live music fans globally say brands can enhance the live experience, and augmented reality presents endless opportunities. The ability to drive culture through creativity while also adding value to fans allows brands to elevate expectations at live music events.”


At the Atlanta venue, Hyundai will be the first brand to leverage a selection of Live Nation’s AR products, available exclusively through the Music Midltown app. Following the expected success of their new online features, Live Nation plans to continue to integrate their AR features into various select festival apps.


So how can we utilize these new AR products anyway?


Can’t make it to your favorite festival this year? Or too wiped out to trek across the venue for the last performance of the day? No worries, globally experience the festival in an entirely new way using Live Nation’s AR Livestream.

Music fans everywhere will be able to access select live performances from Midtown when they download the Music Midtown app. All they have to do is point the app to a flat surface, and it will stream a three-dimensional, four-sided viewer. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the grounds of the Atlanta festival or halfway across the world. Hyundai will also execute creative experiences for fans to promote and explore the redesigned 2020 Sonata.


Ever dreamed of purchasing a VIP ticket but never been bougie enough to afford one? Well, now you can experience VIP access from your phone with Live Nation’s AR VIP Access feature--for free!

Step in the shoes of an industry insider and access exclusive vantage points around Midtown Music Festival, such as the side stage, backstage, or front of house soundboard, all from the convenience of your Music Midtown app. With Live Nation’s 360-degree camera technology, the mobile immersive experience possibilities are endless. Hyundai’s 2020 Sonata will also be integrated into the AR VIP Access feature.


Can’t remember where or when your favorite artists are playing? Now it’s as easy as pointing your smartphone at the stage with Live Nation’s new AR Fest Lens feature.

More times than not, music festival venues have pretty weak cell phone reception. So, if you forget the lineup and need to look it up online, it can be a pain in the butt, but not anymore. Now it’s as simple as pulling up your Music Midtown app. All you have to do is point the app to a stage and a lineup will appear identifying which artists will be performing on that stage, as well as upcoming acts. This new Live Nation feature is vital for all festival attendees to ensure that fans never miss their favorite artists again.


A lot more goes on behind the scenes of our favorite shows than we can see, and sometimes intermissions last longer than we would like. To help keep their fans entertained during this time, Live Nation has created their AR Intermission feature.

This AR feature was designed by Live Nation to connect concert goers to their favorite brands. With the Music Midtown app, fans can creatively reimagine what the stage can look like between sets, creating engaging entertainment experiences.


Have you ever spent more time than you’d like to admit finding the perfect Insta backdrop at your favorite music festivals? If you’re anything like us, the answer is probably a yes. Save time at your next festival by utilizing Live Nation’s new AR Photo Opp feature to find the most Insta-worthy spots.

As live music events have become the playground for social media content, festival producers and designers have started integrating more and more artistic content for their venues, such as grapheetee walls, complex statues, and other eye-drawing background potentials. With the AR Photo App feature, Live Nation festival-goers can identify iconic locations and branded backdrops around the venue all from the Music Midtown app. In addition, attendees can use 3D filters to bring their photos alive and relive the festival in style.


Live Nation’s new AR products are going to change the way we attend music festivals and associate with brands. From here, we can only expect more and more advanced technological features as entertainment companies compete to stay relevant, so get excited, y’all!!!




For more info on how it works and where to purchase tickets, check out the Live Nation apps on Apple iTunes and Google Play!


What do you think of the new, upcoming Live Nation features? Do you have any creative ideas for future AR products?