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ICYMI: Jamie Foxx’s Spawn!

Written by Kevin Donaldson. Published: June 02 2018


No, I’m not talking about Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx. Instead I’m talking about the fact that Foxx will star in the long-awaited new adaptation of the Spawn comic for the big screen. There was one made in the '90s, and it was okay, but what’s gonna make this one much better is that Spawn creator Todd McFarlane himself is going to be making his directorial debut with the film, which is being produced by Get Out production company Blumhouse.


With the horror movie making company Blumhouse releasing its first venture into action films this weekend with Upgrade, it seems that something like Spawn would be perfect for the film company, as it combines horror and action. After all, Spawn does follow the story of Al Simmons, a disgraced member of a CIA black ops team who, after his fiery murder, is sent to Hell where he becomes a Hellspawn warrior. After returning to Earth to initially carry out misdeeds, he finds that his wife has moved on and married his best friend, but it’d never work out anyway because he’s a hideous charred corpse in a demonic body. Looking for redemption, Simmons takes his new abilities to combat evil on Earth, Heaven and Hell.


The film is just getting off the ground, and it seems that it will not have a release date for sometime. It also seems the budget will be relatively low but it could be McFarlane just trying to be modest. McFarlane also wrote the script himself and had Foxx in mind to play the character, so you could say dreams do true! But it shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Foxx is a huge Spawn fan and even flew out to meet McFarlane years ago to tell, as he puts it, “the man behind one of the most incredible comic book characters in the universe” that if another project should arise he would like to put his name in to play Spawn.




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- Kevin Donaldson, YH Contributing Writer