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HOT APPS: Runpee

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: August 04 2015


Have you ever gone to the movies and almost peed your pants because you weren’t sure if you would be missing a good part of the movie? Or is that just me?


Well, clearly there must be more of you out there who have faced this same dilemma, otherwise the brilliant app RunPee would not exist!


RunPee is a free app that helps movie-goers run to the restroom at the best possible time based on the movie's progression and plot. Let me explain.


The app itself is so easy to use -- it opens up to a list of movies that have released by month.



As you can see, the list gives the release date, running time, and even has a grade given by the creators of the app. Then you click the movie that you’re going to watch.



RunPee experts explain the best times to go pee with a list of times to make a break for it, a queue of what is happening in the plot, how long you have to go pee, and a detailed synopsis of what you will miss should you choose that time to empty your bladder. After you go pee, you can get back to your seat like you didn’t miss anything! The peetimes are carefully selected 3-5 minute scenes that don’t have critical plotlines, hilarious moments, or exciting action.


They also give you "recommended" pee times as well as "emergency" pee times. There is also a timer that you can activate when the movie starts so that your phone will vibrate when a pee time occurs.


RunPee also gives a quick synopsis of the first few minutes of the movie just in case you're running late!


Another awesome feature of the app, and probably my favorite, is the “Anything after the credits” feature, and I will explain why...


In 2006, I watched John Tucker Must Die in the theaters. After the movie finished and the credits started to roll, I was getting my things together to leave, and an extra scene came on. I excitedly watched and laughed at the extra scene. Everyone continued to proceed out of the theater and I slowly started to get up to leave right after them. All of a sudden, another extra scene! I sat back down to watch and many others came back into the theater. Ever since then, I would sit through the end of the credits because I didn’t want to miss anything. Some times it worked out, and some times I just sat there and watched credits roll for twenty minutes.


RunPee’s “Anything after the credits” feature has saved me time and many awkward looks from movie theater ushers cleaning up after the movie. And with all of these superhero movies being clever and putting in extra scenes at the end of their credits (*coughMARVELcough*) this app is a lifesaver. I will never miss another extra scene again!


RunPee is a must-download for movie lovers and goers alike! So what are you waiting for? Go to the app store now! It’s FREE!


(Screenshots via Amanda Baltazar)


- Amanda Baltazar, YH Staff