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HIDDEN ON STREAMING: 'Sadie's Last Day On Earth'

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: September 07 2017


What would you do if you knew the world was ending in 30 days?


Sadie's Last Days on Earth is a teen comedy about a high school girl, Sadie, who has come to believe that the world is going to end in the very near future thanks to her class project. With her heightened anxiety of the Earth's demise, she becomes the ultimate doomsday prepper -- turning her room into a bunker, rationing and saving food and supplies for the end, and, the driving force in the story, a bucket list of things to do before everyone else dies. 




If you noticed a few familiar faces, you must be a "Degrassi" fan. Ricardo Hoyos (AKA Zig) and Munro Chambers (AKA Eli) are both "Degrassi" alum joining the cast. Morgan Taylor Campbell plays Sadie and Clark Backo plays her best friend. Here's one for some real Canadian film/television fans: the movie's writer and director is none other than Michael Seater. Seater is known for his roles on "The Zack Files", "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High", and "Life with Derek". 


The movie is fun, quirky, and puts a twist on the regular high school comedy. For me, the most engaging thing about the movie is how anxiety is depicted. Sadie's anxiety of the world ending is put at the forefront, but each character in the film has their own way of coping, handling, or reacting to their own personal anxieties that many people don't realize, because anxiety comes in many different forms. Sadie's anxiety is depicted through her fear of the apocalypse and, while it's comedic, it accurately shows how anxiety can engulf someone's life. 


But don't worry, it's not as dark as you think. 


It's definitely a film for younger audiences, but the movie itself touches upon topics like anxiety and presents them in new lights. The movie does a good job of still making it playful and light-hearted and gives younger audiences a chance to digest serious issues. The film is very smart with its play on the idea that "everything in high school is the end of the world." I'm 25 and everything is still the end of the world to me. 


Eh, call it my guilty pleasure, but Sadie's Last Days on Earth was very relatable to me and a fun little movie night film. Oh, and Eclare for life! All you "Degrassi" fans know what I'm talking about...


You can watch Sadie's Last Days on Earth on Netflix!


(Image via A71 Entertainment/YouTube)


- Amanda Baltazar, YH Contributing Writer