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VIRAL ALERT: TikTok Dinner & a Movie

10-22-2021 by Melissa Morales



You may know TikTok user @arilekhraj from her trendy videos “Disney Dinner and a Movie”. Paired with Disney's "The Magic Within Our Hearts” intro sound combined with absolutely cute and clever snack and dish ideas directly inspired by Disney movies, it’s no surprise that her videos went viral. Arianna went on to create more fun content, such as “Harry Potter Dinner and a Movie”, “Nickelodeon Dinner and a Movie”, and “Marvel Dinner and a Movie”.



More recently, however, she has gone on to create “Netflix Dinner and a Show”, and timely for this month, has begun her series for “Halloween Dinner and a Movie”! 


What’s for dinner in the latest popular TV show, "Squid Game"? Well, @arilekhraj shows us what’s on the menu: Dalgona, corn on the cob, potatoes, and milk! Recording her trip to the supermarket and the process of cooking the dinner, we are left with a tasty meal and some treats to watch the show. Time to enjoy!



Just in time for Spooky Szn, Arianna has also begun her Halloween series, starting off with the iconic Hocus Pocus film! With a meal of cider, Book brownies, and chicken & wild rice soup, the end result is simple yet very effective and nostalgic to experience for this classic Halloween film!



The second entry of her Halloween series is inspired by one of my personal favorite films, Coraline! What’s on the plate for this dinner? Some tea, microwave pizza, family dinner feast, mango milkshake, and a Welcome Home cake. Many of these cooking supplies can be bought in super affordable stores such as Target or even the Dollar Tree; what you really need is creativity and a knack for cooking. I definitely got to say that the Welcome Home Cake takes the cake for my favorite part of this meal -- pun intended!



Her latest "Halloween Dinner and a Movie" post is none other than the classicHalloweentown!



We can't wait to see what’s next for the “Halloween Dinner and a Movie” series and the “Netflix Dinner and a Show” series. Will it beCasper? Beetlejuice? Maybe The Addams Family? What about for the next Netflix show? Will it be "Stranger Things"? "Bridgerton"? "Outer Banks"?


Whatever it is, I know it will be absolutely fantastic! If you haven’t seen @arilekhraj’s videos and have a love for entertainment and creativity, definitely check out her videos now! Happy cooking!