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Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side With TikTok Tarot!

09-01-2021 by Gabbi Wiesehan



If you’re reading this, it’s a sign. This message was meant for you to hear.


Okay, so I was being a little dramatic. You’re reading this because you clicked on the headline. Obviously. But I’m sure the phrase sounded familiar, especially if you’re on TikTok. Spirituality has become one of the most popular topics trending on the app, accumulating a whopping 11 billion videos under the hashtag as of this writing. Professional mediums, amateur witches, and simply curious TikTokers are manifesting, casting spells, and channeling energy through crystals. The most intriguing of it all? Tarot cards.



Here are some helpful tips if you're thinking of dabbling in the tarot game!


Forget What You Know About Tarot Cards

TV and film have a long-time habit of painting tarot cards as bad news -- something you don’t want to dabble in unless you want to attract negative energy. Luckily for you, I bring good news: you don’t have to hold your breath anymore when passing by a deck of tarot cards at a store! Reading tarot cards is a positive experience that helps you channel good energy in order to self-reflect and work on your own life. Simply put, it’s good vibes all around. Think of it as a step up from reading your daily horoscope. No spooky stuff here!


Take What Resonates and Leave What Doesn’t

The main gist of reading tarot is seeking out messages that you’re meant to hear. Many readers will purposely not use hashtags in order to not sway the algorithm or use the algorithm to their advantage. If a tarot reading lands on your For You Page with zero hashtags, you’re seeing it for a reason -- you were meant to hear the message in the tarot reading. The reader will take a look at a hand of cards and give you messages based on the meaning of each card. If the cards parallel with your own current situation (maybe your love life, school, your job, your own emotions you’re dealing with), it resonates with you, and you should keep the messages in mind. If a certain message doesn’t resonate with you, then simply ignore it and don’t dwell on it. It has nothing to do with anything you’re going through at the moment. Seems easy enough!



If You’re into Astrology, You Should Be into Tarot

Certain messages found in tarot cards can resonate more with a certain zodiac sign than others, or even be meant for a certain zodiac sign. Experienced readers may even feel the energy of certain zodiac signs in the messages they receive through the cards. They can be a great tool for gaining a better understanding of your chart and how you’ll be affected by the planets. I’m a Scorpio-Sun, Pisces-Moon, and Virgo Rising. Just know you’re not an emotional wreck like I am. Or maybe you are. I don’t know you.



Anyone Can Read Tarot!

Remember the good news I told you at the top? Well, I have even better news: you can learn to read tarot too! It doesn’t take extraordinary spiritual gifts or psychic ability. All you need is a deck of tarot cards, an open mind, and good energy. The more you get used to tuning into yourself and channeling good energy, the easier the messages will come -- not just on your FYP, but in all aspects of your life.