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Get Hype For The 2024 Paris Olympics U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team!

Written by Noelle Henderson. Published: July 09 2024


The Paris Olympic Trials have just concluded, and we are thrilled to announce the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team, a group of determined individuals who have become one of the most eagerly-awaited teams. The selection was made after a nail-biting 2-day trial competition that left everyone in shock. The 5 women who will be representing the U.S. in Paris this summer are Simone Biles, Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, and Hezly Rivera! Let’s take a closer look at the team.


Simone Biles

Considered one of, if not the best gymnast in the world, Simone Biles has 6 world titles and 7 Olympic medals. She rose to fame in 2016 during the Rio Olympic Games, where she won medals in every individual event and helped the U.S. team win gold. Biles will compete in her third Olympic Games this Summer after winning the U.S. National Championships and the U.S. Olympic Trials with a lead of several points. At 27, Simone will be the oldest gymnast representing the U.S. in 72 years. She has jokingly named herself the grandma of the group due to the average age of Olympic gymnasts being 21. Paris will mark her big comeback after withdrawing from most of her events at the Tokyo games in 2021 for mental health reasons.



Jade Carey

The 2020 Floor Olympic Champion, Jade Carey is a force to be reckoned with. This Summer will be her second Olympic Games but her first one competing with the team. For the Tokyo games, teams comprised 4 gymnasts and 2 individualists, and Jade competed as an individualist. Since the Games in 2021, Carey has competed in the NCAA for Oregan State since January 2022 and has received 12 perfect 10s. After her incredible performance in 2021, there is no doubt that Jade Carey is a fantastic choice for the 2024 team.


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Jordan Chiles

Much like Carey, Jordan Chiles is an NCAA and elite gymnast! After competing for 2 seasons with UCLA, Chiles decided to defer her eligibility to focus on training for the Paris games. In 2019, she nearly quit the sport due to the poor training environment at her previous gym. Simone invited Chiles to train with her in Texas at her home gym, ensuring a positive training experience for her. Biles and Chiles have been teammates ever since. Yet another member of the 2020 Tokyo team, Jordan didn’t have the opportunity to compete in individual meets but, at the last minute, she competed in all 4 events during the team final after Biles dropped out. Helping lead the U.S. team to silver. Chiles’s consistency and power make her a great addition to the Paris team.



Sunisa Lee

Sunisa (Suni) Lee is the 2020 Tokyo All Around Olympic Champion. Because Suni and Simone were both able to qualify for the team this year, this will be the first time 2 U.S. Olympic All-Around Champions will be competing together. Known for her challenging uneven bar routine, Suni has put up the fight of a lifetime to make the team this year. During her second season competing for Auburn, Suni was diagnosed with two incurable kidney diseases, forcing her to cut her season short and take a break from gymnastics entirely. After spending 2023 not knowing if she could do gymnastics again, Suni returned to elite gymnastics with even more complex routines, making a successful comeback to the sport. Suni’s resilience proves why she earned her spot on the 2024 team.


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Hezly Rivera

This 16-year-old is the only new member of the official U.S. Olympic team! She is the youngest member and has only recently started competing alongside her new teammates! The high schooler secured her spot on the team after nailing her beam routine and placing 5th in the all-around at the U.S. trials. She is in good hands and is surrounded by gymnasts she has looked up to for years, like Simone and the 3 previous Olympic team members. Rivera will be the gymnast to keep your eye on this Summer.


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The 2024 Summer Olympics kick off on July 26 in Paris, France!