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Get Hype for 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' With These New Sneak Peeks!

09-17-2019 by Maryssa Rillo

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Does anyone else think we sometimes give too much hype to all these Disney princesses? I mean, what about the other characters in these movies? They play a role in the plot as well. Especially the villains! Sure, I know they’re evil and creepy or whatever, but sometimes they are pretty badass if you ask me. Like Snow White’s stepmom?! The crazy lady can literally go from beautiful to ugly and scary from the drink of a potion. Or what about Ursula? She’s a female octopus that rules the ocean… how cool is that?! I understand they’re the bad guys, but they do deserve a little credit. Am I right?


Well, one villain does receive the credit she deserves. Can you guess who? Yup! Maleficent is the one! The one and only Angelina Jolie plays her character, so you know she’s all that and a bag of chips. Even her castmate, Elle Fanning, who stars as Princess Aurora, says so.



Well, anyways, the first movie Maleficent was AMAZING. I wouldn’t expect anything less, though. Disney cast a great group of stars. The movie was so good, in fact, that Disney is releasing a sequel titled Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, which will premiere in theatres on October 18!




Wow. The trailer honestly left me speechless. The costumes, the makeup, the color palette, the music… it’s great! It gave off a chilly dark vibe and that’s exactly the tone of this movie. But we can’t describe the trailer without talking about Angelina Jolie. Does she not look AMAZING?! Her cheekbones! I mean, the makeup is just phenomenal. I agree with Fanning, no one in this world could play Maleficent other than Angelina Jolie.



Alright, so we all pretty much know the background of Maleficent, right? If not, here’s a quick overview: Maleficent is a fairy who lives in the Moors, which is a magical forest. She falls in love with a boy who betrays her and makes her evil. She now wants revenge. This boy later becomes king and has a daughter, Princess Aurora. Maleficent, who wants revenge, curses the young girl so that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep. The only way she will awaken is by a true love's kiss. Maleficent and Princess Aurora ironically bond and love one another like mother and daughter, so the Princess considers Maleficent her Godmother.


As you can probably guess, this family has a lot of drama. Well, that’s exactly right and that’s what the sequel is about. Though Maleficent and Princess Aurora consider each other Godmother and Goddaughter, there are issues that test their relationship. Like I mentioned earlier, Maleficent is greedy. Now that Princess Aurora wants to get married to Prince Phillip, Maleficent is not happy. I wonder who is going to win this battle? My money is on Maleficent all the way. What about you?



October 18th... Aurora is back. (Prince Philip lurkin)

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