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Get a Good Night’s Sleep With These 5 Tips Before Bed!

Written by Brooklynn Taylor. Published: September 21 2023


Always hitting snooze in the AM? Waking up on "the wrong side of bed"? Experts say that adults should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night, yet the average person gets way less than that. Your body is like a battery that needs to be recharged each night, and when it’s not, you can feel drained.


If you are tossing and turning all night, give these tips a try before bed to see how they fit into your routine for a better night’s sleep!


1. Put Your Phone On "DND"

As tempting as it can be to binge-watch your latest series obsession or do some late-night scrolling on your phone before bed, technology is the easiest way to keep you up for hours past your usual bedtime. The National Sleep Foundation recommends stopping the use of electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. As blue light emits from devices like your phone, it restrains the production of melatonin, making it difficult to wind down.


2. Give This Podcast a Listen

Featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Buzzfeed, each episode of the “Sleep with Me” podcast tells bedtime stories that get “progressively more boring” until you fall asleep. The podcast has reached over 2 million monthly downloads on Spotify, so it’s working pretty well! With over 1,000 episodes and counting, you surely will find one to put you to sleep fast!



3. Move Your Body During The Day

Regular physical activity promotes better sleep. Catch some rays and go on a brisk walk with a friend around town or try a pilates workout on YouTube. Exercise can be fun and doesn’t have to be daunting! Take some time for yourself. Your mind and body will thank you for it by the end of the night.


4. Try The "Sleepy Girl Mocktail"

Who knew that sugar-free tart cherry juice, magnesium powder, and seltzer water could help you catch some Zs? After going viral on TikTok, the trend has been backed up by registered dieticians and sleep experts who say that cherries contain natural melatonin that helps you relax and, combined with magnesium, is the key to staying asleep all night. Take a few sips at least an hour before bed.


5. Soothing Scents

Aromatherapy is a great practice to promote a restful night. Lavender is the most popular scent for sleep that helps to calm and relax your body. Turn on an oil diffuser, light a candle, or use a pillow spray. If lavender isn’t your cup of tea, try rose, jasmine, or vanilla!


Sweet dreams!