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George R.R. Martin’s "Nightflyers" Sets Up Audiences For One Terrifying Binge Session!

Written by D.J. Rivera. Published: October 10 2018


Just when you thought nothing could fill that empty, depressing, dragon-less void, a wonderfully sadistic bearded man has come to the rescue with another primetime-worthy tale. What is dead may never die, as now we must once again begin another traumatizing journey lead by one of the world’s most addictive writers in the game of literature today. That’s right, everyone knows exactly who I’m talking about. From the chilling mind of George R.R. Martin, the fan-favorite character-killing machine audiences love to hate comes SyFy’s brand new terrifying series “Nightflyers”.


Martin’s scribe skills don’t just stop in the land of the Seven Kingdoms. The man, the myth, and the legend himself has brought his signature wordplay to the science-fiction genre with a little novella called Nightflyers, which is the latest of the famed writer’s works since his A Song of Ice & Fire book series to get the live-action TV treatment. This space horror series will hopefully be able to holdover thirsty “Game of Thrones” & ASOIAF fans a bit longer as the dates for neither the final season nor the next book (The Winds of Winter) have been announced yet. Martin, who has contractual obligations to Westeros and HBO, will only be credited as an Executive Producer. But from the looks of this hauntingly good latest tease, GRRM fanatics are in for one horrific thrill ride that the author himself has described as "Psycho in space."




Similar to ASOIAF, the Nightflyers saga is a complex, blood-soaked expedition into the deep reaches of space where no one can hear you scream. Taking place in the future around 2093, Mankind hopes to make contact with an alien life form at the edge of the solar system. A group of scientists armed with a powerful telepath embarks on a desperate journey on board the ship Nightflyer to make contact. As they begin their journey to save Mankind, a ton of crazy and terrifying events go down, resulting in the crew turning on one another. It doesn’t take long for the mission to change course. The question no longer is, how will they save the planet; the question quickly becomes, who will save them?




And for those wondering if they can handle the weekly anticipation of what will happen next in this psychological scarefest past the planet Pluto, put down the stress balls and turn off that self-destruct alarm. The newly-rebooted, genre-focused folks at SyFy have decided to roll this bad boy out the same way Netflix and Amazon bust out their hits. That’s right, audiences will not be able to escape what dark secrets lie within “Nightflyers” because those of you that enjoy the carefree tradition of binge-watching are all set to get terrified for 10 episodes straight. SyFy Channel will be making the entire debut season available to stream on all platforms this December.


On the Nightflyer, there is no place to hide, and if you are near a screen, you won’t be able to look away from the out-of-this-world thriller.


“Nightflyers" will begin on December 2, 2018.


(Image via SYFY)


- D.J. Rivera, YH Contributing Writer