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Florence + the Machine Get Dramatic in "Lover To Lover"

Written by Katie Marzullo. Published: November 20 2012


Here’s something to be thankful for this week – a new Florence + the Machine video!


It seems like forever that I have been able to gaze upon the ethereal wonder that is Ms. Florence Welch, or hear the dulcet tones of her siren-like crooning. Her newest video, “Lover to Lover”, just landed on VEVO, and it’s much more straight-forward than her usual fare. The one big difference, though – ACTING!!!


Yes, in this clip, we get to see Flo flexing her dramatic chops, playing a put-upon blue collar gal who dresses like a school marm, reaching her breaking point with her lousy, lay-about old man (played by a guy who looks suspiciously like actor John Hurt… that would be “Ollivander” for you kids out there). The story unfolds as Mennonite Flo attempts to break free of this seemingly co-dependent relationship. Indeed, ‘tis hard to let go, especially if you’ve never known any other way of being… but this is Florence Welch we’re talking about! She can do anything! You show that bonfire who’s boss, gurl!


Check out “Lover to Lover” below; you’re welcome!




(Image via florencemachine/YouTube)


- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor

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