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Fifth Harmony Debuts "Miss Moving On" Video

Written by Danielle Koch. Published: July 16 2013


There are summer flings and there are summer flops. Willow Smith already took care of the former, but for the latter, there's Fifth Harmony’s “Miss Movin’ On.”


"The X Factor" Season 2 third-placers gave us a little teaser clip last week for their newest single, but now you can watch the visuals in its entirety!


Ally, Camila, Normani, Dinah, and Lauren take us on their journey from heartbreak to liberation. Set in a carnival with lights flashing and rides whizzing around, the girls first gather around solemnly. They each have something that reminds them of an ex and are contemplating what to do next. Then, the music picks up and so do their spirits. One by one, the members of 5thH drop whatever was holding them back and break free, from ripping a picture in half to setting their online status to “single”.


The girls are ready to move on with their lives and have fun with what the carnival has to offer, accompanied by a major heartbreak anthem. The beats are powerful and their voices are in perfect... harmony.


Together, the video and music make for an ideal summer getaway. A night out with your girls is what you need to pick you up after rough times. Fifth Harmony is moving on and enjoying themselves, which will make you want to do just the same.


Hand over some of that popcorn, will ya?




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(Image via Fifth Harmony/YouTube)


- Danielle Koch, YH Staff