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Electric Daisy Carnival: 5 Things We Are Looking Forward To This Year!

05-15-2019 by David Mendez



2. The Stages
Being the world's largest dance music festival, EDC does an incredible job of representing every subgenre of dance music known to man. Each stage at EDC contains its own theme and style, “a union of technology and nature, where elements mix to ignite the senses and inspire the imagination.”  Not only are we excited to see all the artists who will be blessing the stages, but we are also excited to see these massive, beautifully designed stages come to life to the sounds that distinguish them from one another.


Kinetic Field is the largest of the stages and is the unofficial main stage of EDC for its over-the-top production, never-ending flow of fireworks, and it’s where the bigger mainstream artists of all genres usually perform. Cosmic Meadow is where you can find all your trap and dubstep needs, and what really separates this stage from the others is that it takes place on grass, which is a nice escape from the hot concrete most of the festival takes place on.


Circuit Grounds is an amazing display of light work and LED tech. This stage is where you want to be if you're looking to get in a trance or get lost in the lights with your refracted glasses, as it’s known to host progressive trance music.


Set to a post-apocalyptic stage, Waste Land is for the hardcore 150BPM and up club. Be prepared to rage or get wasted, because the crowd is just as amped as the artists here.


If you’re looking for a break from the hardcore, search no further than Neon Garden. It’s a throwback stage where you can find the underground dance and techno music scene as well as catchy house music where you fans can vibe out to.


Bass Pod, as the name suggests, is all about the bass and it’s where you can find all the dubstep and drum and bass sounds dance music has to offer.


The extravagant stages of EDC are sure to rock your world!