Demi Lovato Is “Sorry Not Sorry” For Partying Hard In New Music Video!

Written by Kayla Miracle. Published: July 19 2017


It’s a party at Demi Lovato’s house and you’re invited! The pop singer just dropped the music video to her fierce new single “Sorry Not Sorry” and it’s everything we could have wanted and more.


The video starts with a preface that also serves as your invitation into the party of one of the biggest pop stars on the scene: “On June 29th, Demi threw a house party and we made a music video. This is what happened.”  There are beach balls, fancy cars, and the infamous flamingo floaties; it’s time to get excited. The video features Demi and her best friends getting wild – dancing, swimming, kissing, and everything in between.


In an effort to make the viewers really feel a part of the party scene, the vid uses a lot of personal hand-held camera shots. We hear Demi and her friends singing along to other Demi hits, get some underwater pool shots, and, oh yeah, her producer telling her that Jamie Foxx is there. In a world where Jamie Foxx and Demi Lovato are partying together at a total rager, it only seems fitting that the person DJing is none other than Paris Hilton. (Say it with me… “Whaaaat?”) Yep, Paris Hilton seems to be keeping the party tunes hot alongside Lovato, Foxx, and, another star partier, Wiz Khalifa.




Besides the star-studded cameos, we gotta talk about just how good Demi looks. Dancing in a kiddie pool, wearing sunglasses at night, wearing knee-high bright purple boots -- this girl is straight fire right now. “Now I’m out here looking like revenge / Feeling like a ten / Best I’ve ever been / And I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this, but it gets worse.”  Truer lyrics have never been sung, Demi.


The video ends like the best parties do -- with the cops coming to shut it down. Classic.


“Sorry Not Sorry” was released last week and is excelling on radio charts and streaming. This party jam is definitely a song of the summer!


(Image via DemiLovatoVEVO)


- Kayla Miracle, YH Contributing Writer