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David Guetta & Sia Cry "Wolf" In Stunning Music Video

Written by Katie Marzullo. Published: September 29 2012


Who new a music video about a wolf could be so moving?


Music videos are truly becoming high art these days, as a perfect outlet for aspiring and established filmmakers alike to really push the boundaries of visual storytelling. The video for David Guetta and Sia’s collabo, “She Wolf”, is visually stunning, and in less than four minutes is able to weave a rich tale without any dialogue whatsoever. You certainly don’t need the song lyrics to help it along, but with Guetta’s evocative mixing and Sia’s powerful vocals, what could have just been a boring nature video turns out to be exceptionally moving.


There’s not a whole lot else one can say about this vid, other than it was directed by cinematographer Hiro Murai (which explains a lot), whose most well-known works at this point include Funny or Die’s “Drunk History” series and a bunch of Juicy Fruit commercials. Most DPs that I know want to be directors, and this seems as good a step in that direction as any for Mr. Murai.


Check out “She Wolf” below, but BE WARNED off some mild nudity at the very beginning and end (in case that sort of thing vexes you)!





(Image via David Guetta/YouTube)


- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor

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