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Celebrity Make-Up Artists Reveal Red Carpet Secrets You Can Recreate At Home!

01-27-2021 by Morgan Glicksman

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It is no secret that some of our favorite celebrities constantly look flawless on the red carpet, but what is a secret is how they achieve these results, many of which can be easily and cheaply replicated at home! Here are some of the secrets we found behind what celebrity make-up artists are doing to create some of the best red carpet looks that you can use for your next at-home Instagram photoshoot!


1. Using Spray Sunscreen To Achieve The Perfect Glow

Jennifer Lopez’s make-up artist, Scott Barnes, exposed one his best kept red carpet secrets in a how-to video with Youtube make-up guru Tati Westbrook last year. Even a seasoned make-up legend like Tati was shocked to find out that J.Lo’s famous glow comes from a bottle of Neutrogena spray sunscreen that costs less than $10. Barnes often sprays the sunscreen on his celebrity client’s neck and chest to give the skin a healthy sun-kissed glow.




2. Using Petroleum Jelly As an Ultra Intense Highlighter

This one might sound a little weird, but Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, swears by it. If it’s good enough for Kim, I think it’s safe to say it’s good enough for us. Dedivanovic says he applies the jelly not only to the cheekbones as highlighter, but also to the eyelids to give off that trendy glossy look. Using a wet product allows you to achieve a highlighted look without the powdery, textured look of traditional highlighters.



3. Using a Spoon As an Eyelash Curler

This trick has been used for decades and is actually still used by many celebrity make-up artists! Celeb MUA Tasha Brown uses a spoon to curl her clients' eyelashes and give the eye a wide open look. Some of her famous clients include Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union. This spoon method is inexpensive and allows you to get right up to the base of the lash where traditional eyelash curlers might not be able to reach.


4. Using Red Kool-Aid As a Lip Stain 

Even though it might sound super weird to use food for make-up, we use things like olive oil, yogurt, and avocado for hair masks, so why not use food for your face? Many celebrity make-up artists have been known to use red Kool-Aid as a lip stain instead of lipstick to give off a more natural look. 


5. Using a Deodorant Stick To Tame Flyaway Hairs. 

I’ve always wondered how some of my favorite celebrity red carpet hair moments seem to stay in place even went the carpet is seemingly windy. Well, celebrity hair stylists sometimes use deodorant sticks to tame small flyaway hairs. Believe it or not, deodorant prevents frizz and can be more effective than hairspray on some of the most unruly baby hairs. 


Even though celebrities can look like a million bucks on the red carpet, most of the secrets behind their hair and make-up looks are easy, affordable, and even achievable at home!