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Celebrating The Cast of Netflix's "XO, Kitty"!

Written by Gabi Lamb. Published: May 26 2023


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was our favorite Netflix rom-com maybe ever, and when the series ended, we were devastated. Only, the Netflix gods smiled down on us and now we have "XO, Kitty". The 10 episodes of Season 1 follow not Lara Jean, but our fan-favorite little sister Kitty, as she goes to K.I.S.S. -- that's the Korean Independent School of Seoul -- a boarding school in South Korea. There, she plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae, who we met in the third film of the OG trilogy. It’s a wild ride for Kitty as she adjusts to Korea as a biracial, English-speaking American, but she nonetheless grows through the show with her typical wit and fierceness.




The comedic drama of Kitty’s search for love and her coming-of-age in a whole new country are done with lightness and tenderness. There’s also so much material for a Season 2, and the exploration of a diverse set of characters is extremely well-done. "XO, Kitty" is made all the better by the fact that Jenny Han, writer of the original books, acts as an executive producer for the show; additionally, it was all filmed in Seoul, where it takes place. Still, the key to any good show is a good cast, and so here we introduce to what you’ve been waiting for: the main cast of "XO, Kitty"!


1. Anna Cathcart (Kitty)

So exciting! The Kitty of the movies came back to star in the television series, and she steals the show yet again. Anna Cathcartis best known for her work in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series, but she is also in Descendants 2 and3 as Dizzy. This is not her first time in the title role of a show — she played the titular character in the 2019 teen webseries "Zoe Valentine". A fun fact about Anna Cathcart is that she grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but as a bonus, Anna is, like Kitty in To All the Boys, very close with her older sister, which is sweet. Cheers to Anna for reprising her role, this time as the main character!



2. Minyeong Choi (Dae)

While not the Dae we briefly saw in the final To All the Boys film,Minyeong Choi is excellent as Kitty’s sweet long-distance boyfriend with a secret. He’s, at first, half the reason for Kitty’s excitement in going to Seoul, but quickly things grow complicated as his school girlfriend is revealed, dashing Kitty’s hopes and bringing with it a tangled situation -- will he get out of the love triangle and re-earn Kitty’s affections? "XO, Kitty" is Minyeong Choi’s first role in an English-language production, though he has had previous roles in K-Dramas like "You Are My Spring" and "Sweet Munchies". He also has his first movieDream Palace coming out on May 31st. An exciting year for Minyeong Choi!



3. Anthony Keyvan (Q)

Anthony Keyvan is a veteran teen drama actor whom you’ve probably seen in "Love, Victor" as Rahim or in "Alexa and Katie" as Nathan. He was even in HBO’s "Generation" and the original "iCarly", but the point is that he’s been around the block and is coming back around in "XO, Kitty". Q is Kitty’s close friend as she navigates her new school, and he also offers her a signature matchmaking opportunity with his crush on French classmate Florian. As the friendly jock and (after a mishap) roommate to Kitty, Q is always there for her in true bestie fashion. Keyvan is perfect for the role with all his experience, particularly in LGBTQ media, and is crucial in the world of "XO, Kitty".



4. Gia Kim (Yuri)

Yuri is the K.I.S.S. It-Girl: stylish, confident, and poised. Even Kitty is intimidated by her at first, but underneath that polished exterior she finds out Yuri is dealing with intense heartbreak; the discovery of her relationship with girlfriend Juliana by her parents meant that Juliana had to transfer schools and leave Yuri.Gia Kim is a force to be reckoned with in the role, and though it is her first major production, she comes from a background studying theater in Los Angeles. We hope to see more from her soon!



5. Sang Heon Lee (Min Ho)

New love interest alert! Sang Heon Lee plays Min Ho in "XO, Kitty", and while he seems like a dirtbag at first — i.e.: he pretends not to speak English to avoid talking to Kitty — he slowly grows on us as the season ends. It’s Sang Heon Lee’s first major production, but he was also tapped recently for Gran Turismo, where he will perform alongside David Harbour and Orlando Bloom. It’s a promising start for a promising actor, but you’ll have to decide when you watch "XO, Kitty": Team Dae or Team Min Ho? Fun Fact: Sang Heon Lee is Gia Kim's real-life brother!



6. Peter Thurnwald (Alex)

Every new student needs a mentor, and young teacher Alex does just that for Kitty as she adjusts to life at K.I.S.S. Peter Thurnwald may be recognizable from his roles in "Bump" and "Players", but he really shines as the voice of stability for Kitty. While Peter originally studied physics at the University of Queensland in Australia, he was quickly scouted in a theater production and whisked into the world of Hollywood. While primarily an actor, he is also moving into producing, with his own television series in the works through Pathline Pictures and Continuance Pictures. We can’t wait!



And there we have the main cast of "XO, Kitty"! Let us know your favorite character, and be sure to stream it on Netflix ASAP!