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Catching Up With: "Timber Creek Lodge" Star Mark Milburn

Written by Katie Marzullo. Published: December 19 2016


If I had any doubts that Mark Milburn was a Canadian who feels more at home amongst snow than anywhere else, the fact was confirmed as he sat in my office wearing a thin white t-shirt while I huddled beneath a sweater freezing to death in 60-degree L.A. weather.


Winter is in full swing in this part of the world, but for Mark, winter is a way of life. All year round, the lifelong thrill-seeker can be found hitting the slopes in Northern Canada, climbing the classiques in France, or biking through the Swiss Alps. If you’re in the mood for some outdoor adventure (again, preferably snow-bound), then there is no better person to show you how to have a good time, safely and smartly, than Mark Milburn.


Which is what makes Mark a perfect fit for his newest adventure as the Senior VIP Mountain Host at the Timber Creek Lodge in Whistler, British Columbia, which also happens to be the subject of your new guilty pleasure reality TV show on Bravo, "Timber Creek Lodge". On the show (and in real-life as well, of course), Mark is in charge of showing the lodge’s VIP guests a good time at the resort, dependent on their skill level and interests. It’s his job to tailor the experience specifically for you – one of the many awesome services provided by the concierge staff at Timber Creek. But make note that Mark is neither an instructor nor a guide, so it’s important to be up front with him about your abilities and limitations, because if you fall off a cliff, that’s on you!


Pictured: Falling off a cliff with STYLE


In addition to Mark’s duties at Timber Creek and pursuing his own predilections, Mark also spent some time in Switzerland where he taught outdoor education to kids. When I asked him what were some of the top outdoor expedition tips that most people take for granted, he replied, “Extra socks!” Good to know!


I also asked Mark to recommend some of the best places and retreats for other folks looking to chase that adventurer’s high, and in addition to the Timber Creek Lodge (which is open to the public, not just to the high-profile clients featured on the show), other West Coast locales like Big White, Silver Star, and Lake Louise (all in Canada, natch) float his boat, while his favorite spot in the States is Schweitzer Ski Resort in Idaho. So start booking your vacays now!
In the meantime, catch Mark and his "Timber Creek Lodge" co-staff Monday nights at 10pm on Bravo... and/or on the nearest mountain slope!
Here's a sneak-peek of tonight's new episode below and be sure to follow all his adventures on Instagram!
(Images via Hubert Kang and Joshua Lawrence)

- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor

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