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Catching Up With: Sabrina Carpenter

Written by Jean-Luc Vaval. Published: March 01 2016


Disney Channel’s Sabrina Carpenter is only 16 years old and is doing more than I ever did at that age! She's gone from being an actress on the hit show “Girl Meets World” to releasing a new single, “Smoke and Fire”, and yeah, it is FIRE for sure! Check it out below!




Yep, Sabrina is seconds away from taking over the world… Meanwhile, I sit here trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. I just want to know her secret! Take a look at our exclusive Q&A with the starlet to see if she spills!


YH: Your songs have a lot to do with love or relationships. Would you call yourself a sucker for love stories?

SC: I'm a sucker for any story with depth. Just so happens a lot of love stories do.


YH: What’s your favorite love story or “chick-flick”?

SC: Midnight in Paris.


YH: Where is your go-to place when writing music?

SC: It's usually always in a studio. Studios have become my comfortable place. I do, however, draw a lot of inspiration writing outdoors.


YH: Would you say that, when you write music, it’s like writing into a personal journal/diary?

SC: Yes and no. It's a diary to begin with, but then my stories become everybody's, so I'm always making sure, as personal as it may be to me, it can be universal. 


YH: What would you say your genre is? Your album, Eyes Wide Open, sounds a bit like vintage Taylor Swift, and your new single, “Smoke & Fire”, is very pop-dance.

SC: My genre is whatever you classify me as; everyone will have an opinion no matter what I say. And we all hear differently, but we know what we hear. To me, it's an expression of myself and the artists I draw inspiration from. It will always be growing and changing, just like me.


YH: Other than your own music, what songs do you have on repeat or are playing in your head?

SC: "Youth", Troye Sivan


YH: Is there anyone you’d like to work with or collab with musically?

SC: Hozier, Adele, and to sing with Paul McCartney. Those are the dreams.


YH: You are also on the show “Girl Meets World” -- How is the transition from actress to musician? Which do you like more, if you had to choose?

SC: It's actually a transition from musician to actress. I started with music first, which most people don't know, because who's gonna buy a 12-year-old's album? But I really don't think about it too much. I just love them both so passionately and want to improve at both. 


YH: You’ve done so much at such a young age! What are your outlooks or goals for the future?

SC: To keep going. Keep learning. And make sure I'm always happy. And that I can make others happy. 


YH: How do you get the creative juices flowing? Or do you just get a rush and stop everything you’re doing and write? Tell us your secret!

SC: It wouldn't be a secret if I told you!


YH: So what can you tell us about “Smoke and Fire”? What’s the message behind the song and the title?

SC: The title is metaphorical. Smoke and fire are emotions you experience in any type of situation, but in this one, particularly with how you feel after a relationship ends. 


YH: You co-wrote the song with Ido Zmishlany, correct? How is he? It must’ve been a great experience; he’s also written with Shawn Mendes!

SC: Ido is a gem. We make a great team. This was the first song we wrote together, and we always have fun. We both love what we do so it makes it easy. 


YH: What’s different about this album from your first album, Eyes Wide Open?

SC: New topics, wider range, new sound.


YH: Family support? Who’d you say is your biggest fan? Mom, dad, etc?

SC: My whole family supports me, 100%. I couldn't do anything without each piece of the puzzle.


YH: Any last words you’d like to leave us with? Any inspirations or just something you really want to say to our readers/viewers?

SC: Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for letting me do what I do. I love you and we're in this thing together. 


Sabrina, we hope you get to sing with Paul and work with Adele and Hozier very soon! We believe in you, gurl!


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(Photo via Judy Eddy/WENN)


- Jean-Luc Vaval, YH Contributing Writer