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Be Excellent To Each Other: It's World Kindness Week!

Written by Rita Korkounian. Published: November 14 2023


I was waiting in line at the supermarket with a cart full of groceries. The ladies behind me only had a few items, so I let them go ahead of me in line. I stepped away from my cart to go grab an item, and when I returned, my cart was empty. The sweet ladies in front of me had unloaded all of my groceries for me. I was pleasantly surprised and touched by their random act of kindness. I also must add that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just when I was beginning to feel cynical about the world, these two ladies reminded me of humanity’s inherent goodness. Their kind gesture not only touched me, but also inspired me to commit more random kind acts toward others.


Folks, it’s World Kindness Week. What’s the purpose of this “holiday”? I’m glad you asked! It’s about spreading kindness and positivity; being kind to others, the earth, and, also, ourselves. A random act of kindness not only has a positive impact on the receiver, but also on the giver. Always remember, no kind act is too small. Take a moment to participate in World Kindness Week and feel free to share your good deed!


Here are some ideas on random kind acts you could perform this week:


Kind Acts Toward Others


- Smile at others. Be a good listener. Give someone a hug. Call or visit someone who is sick. Hold the door open for someone. Let a person go ahead of you in line. Let someone in your lane when they are trying to merge. Help a friend find a job. Thank your boss. Make someone laugh. Write a nice note to someone who made a difference in your life, etc. These are all thoughtful acts that take minimal effort, but make a big difference in someone’s day.


- Donate to the Red Cross to assist the relief and recovery efforts of communities affected by tragedy. Call 1-800-Red-Cross or text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. You may also help by donating blood or hosting a blood drive. It’s time to come together and help those in need!


- The holidays can be a tough time for those who have suffered a loss, have no family, are unemployed, homeless, etc. There are things we can do to help, such as collecting canned food for a food bank, volunteering at a food bank, hosting a toy drive, donating clothing and books, giving carepackages to the homeless, having a charity day at work, or inviting someone over for the holidays. You can also adopt-a-family for the holidays. Operation Spread Holiday Cheer!


Kind Acts Toward The Earth


- Clean up graffiti. Learn to recycle. Conserve water and energy. Plant a tree or flowers. Turn off your computer at night. Go paperless (pay your bills online). Use reusable bags in place of plastic bags. Use public transportation whenever possible. Wrap gifts creatively. Buy organic foods and avoid eating highly processed foods, etc.


Kind Acts Toward Ourselves


- Don’t be too hard on yourself (note to self). Have self-compassion. Love yourself. Count 10 things you are grateful for today. Don’t be afraid to say “no”. Avoid negative people. Exercise. Go for a walk. Get enough sleep. Take deep breaths. Say positive affirmations. Learn to live one day at a time. Stop negative self-talk. Pick up a hobby. Buy yourself flowers. Live within your means. Don’t hold grudges. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Write in a journal. Take a vacation. Balance work and personal/family life. Develop an unconditional friendship with yourself, etc.


Ready, set, go out and spread kindness! Be the Kindness Fairy! Don’t forget your wand! I’ll leave you with a quote: “Kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.”