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Written by Brittany Taormina. Published: June 06 2016


Sweden has a knack for turning out some great musical artists, and Lucas Nord is no exception! Known for his electronic sound as well as his producing skills, he is definitely one to watch. His 2013 track, “Run On Love”, featured fellow Swede Tove Lo and was a smash hit, reaching the top spot of Billboard's Dance Club Songs. This single was off his first studio album, Islands.




Lucas just released his new album, Company, which include tracks “Don’t Need Your Love” and “Faking” as well as 5 others. “Faking” was written from personal experience and after completing the track he really felt that he had the right direction for his album. What sets his sound apart is his keen ability to use both electronic and R&B sounds. It is very different from what you hear on a daily basis, which is refreshing.




If you want to listen to more of Lucas’s tracks, his SoundCloud features and array of different remixes of his work including his album tracks. This is production value at its highest quality! We are expecting BIG things from Lucas over the next year.


Don’t forget to follow Lucas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out his official website!


(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Brittany Taormina, YH Contributing Writer