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Amazon's "The Wilds" Is Our New Obsession!

12-21-2020 by Tania Ortiz

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[*WARNING: May contain spoilers!*]


Need a new show to binge-watch? Amazon Prime’s latest original series “The Wilds” tells the story of a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds who are stuck on an island after their plane crashes. But here is the catch -- the girls are the subjects of a social experiment.




The group, consisting of Fatin (Sophia Ali), Toni (Erana James), Dot (Shannon Berry), Rachel (Reign Edwards), Shelby (Mia Healy), Nora (Helena Howard), and Martha (Jenna Clause), are on their way to what they think is a women’s empowerment retreat in Hawaii. But when their plane crashes “unexpectedly”, the group of teens wakes up on the shore of an unknown island, unbeknownst to them that they are being watched vigilantly by a group of researchers.


The series covers the themes of research ethics and ultimate survival. “The Wilds” goes back and forth looking into the stories of each teen's life before the island and how they coped with the difficulties. As the girls try to navigate their way to survival, they begin to learn more about each other as each day keeps ticking by.


Tensions run high as the group faces enormous difficulties. like unexpected tides, poisonous muscles, and lost luggage suddenly washed up on the shore. Leah suspects that one of the members of the group knows something that the rest do not; she might be right, but what she doesn’t know is that the person is dead. The group of teens struggle to stay sane as they are desperate to get off the island.


“The Wilds” is not just about the research or survival but the seven girls whose lives got turned upside-down after being put through the wringer. Each episode will keep you asking for more answers and wondering if all the girls will survive the experiment.


All episodes of “The Wilds” are available on Amazon Prime.