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Access Top Industry Contacts with Entertainment Power Players Directory!

Written by Alexandra Melnick. Published: January 15 2014


We have your one-way ticket to Entertainment World! No vaccinations required…


So, you want to get into the entertainment business? The real question is, who hasn’t dreamt about living in this entertainment world at some point? Well, if you’re seriously looking to travel down this career path, then pack your bags and throw on your sneakers because we have your one-way ticket right here!


Listen close, everything (and everyone) you need to know has been compiled into a hardcover career directory called Entertainment Power Players. The 5th Edition of this entertainment tome has just been released, and its 272 pages are drenched with industry contacts and secrets. It covers all aspects of the entertainment industry, including fashion, film, music, sports, and television. So, not only can you find big time contacts in this well of knowledge, but you can also find tons of internships, training programs, career tips, and opportunities, as well as other information that is virtually impossible to access on your own! So, toss your fiction vampire drama series and grab this book.


Now, I know you all have got to be wondering, who is the mastermind behind all of this? Her name is Dackeyia Q. Sterling, a graduate of Howard University and native of Vallejo, California. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to publish this directory than Dackeyia; she definitely knows what she’s doing! Her first industry job was with National Public Radio in Washington, D.C, where she fine-tuned her broadcast journalism and research skills. She then parlayed that knowledge into become a Hollywood literary agent, where she repped TV and film writers at a boutique agency for 3 years! After being head of the literary department there and authoring several books about industry internships and events (check out those here), she is a great authority to bring us this directory!


We definitely recommend this book to those of you still in college and recent grads that are in the stage of figuring it all out and trying to network your way to the top. Confession: I am one of you. A senior in college and trying to get into this industry in ANY way that I can once I graduate. As terrifying as it is, I think this book is what I need to give me an edge on the competition, and trust me, if you haven’t realized it yet, there’s more competition than Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio competing for Best Actor at the 2014 Oscars. But seriously…. it can be a blood bath out there, and you need to get ahead. So, get your own copy from the website here!


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(Photo via Dackeyia Q. Sterling)



- Alexandra Melnick, YH Staff