8 Protective Styles Natural Hair Girlies Must Try This Summer!

Written by Jaelen Patrick. Published: June 25 2022
( © Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images)


As it heats up, the last thing us natural hair girls want to worry about is our hair! We'd rather focus more on when our next Summer vacay will be and less on taming our manes. So, here are some cute and practical protective hairstyles that we can rock this summer!


1. Knotless Braids

This spin on the traditional box braids is something you have to try out! Knotless braids are a super lightweight and versatile hairstyle that are perfect for any summer activity, whether it be the pool or a night out on the town!




2. Stitch Braids

Less is more, and with stitch braids, you get just that. Stitch braids are the perfect Summer hairstyle as it's both cute and out of your face -- ideal for these intense heat waves! Add the trending heart design to the side for a little extra something!




3. Tribal Braids

These next braids can’t help but to give you that tropical feel. Tribal braids are a mix of stitch and knotless braids that offer you a look that is both pretty and practical. Add on a few beads to the ends of them for an even more island-y look!




4. Bohemian Braids

You haven’t seen Boho until you’ve seen these braids! Also known as goddess braids, you can think of these Boho braids as knotless braids with a little bit of spice, if you will, as they incorporate curly pieces of hair scattered throughout to give you that bohemian look that is perfect for the Summertime!




5. Faux Locs

If you thought the last style was bohemian, wait until you see this one! These faux locs offer you a distressed look that can be styled in tons of ways. And the best part about it is, believe it or not, the more you wear this style out, the better it looks as it gives you the look of natural locs!




6. Passion Twists

This next hairstyle is one of my personal favorites. Passion twists are a fluffy and fun hairstyle that can be rocked either long or short! Experiment with different colors and styles to add that Summer feel!




7. Bantu Knots

The way this next hairstyle is slept on should be criminal! Originated in South Africa, Bantu knots are a unique, sleek, and elegant hairstyle best for the girls who aren’t into added weaves or extensions. Don’t forget to lay those edges!




8. Braided Ponytail

Calling all the ladies who are known for switching up their hairstyle 24/7! This super simple braided ponytail is ideal for ladies looking for a temporary hairstyle that’ll get them through that weekend vacay. This style can be worn high, low, or even wrapped up in a bun for a bit of versatility!




Which styles will you be rocking this Summer?