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8 Dope Dog Accounts You Need To Be Following On Instagram!

Written by Emmy Freedman. Published: July 06 2017


Nothing brightens up my day like seeing a dog on the street. Now, thanks to the Internet, dogs can continue to light up my life through the miracle of Instagram. Here are some doggos you should absolutely be following!


1. @mensweardog

Menswear Dog is a Shiba Inu who dons a variety of styles of clothing to make you laugh. He can just as easily look suave in a suit and tie as he can look chill in a breezy Hawaiian shirt.


2. @itsdougthepug

Doug the Pug is an Instagram phenomenon who is both adorable and helps his viewers stay updated on pop culture. It’s a total win-win. Doug the Pug understands our desire for carbs on carbs as well as our love for “Despacito.”


3. @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is a strange-looking but heart-warming doggo. Tuna’s front teeth jut out further than his bottom, so his expression is always hilarious. He may not be traditionally cute, but he sure does teach us how to love ourselves.


4. @popeyethefoodie

Popeye is a little cutie out of Los Angeles that poses at local restaurants. Popeye can introduce you to all the yummiest looking food while still providing lovable puppy vibes. Even if you’re not from L.A., don’t pass up on this follow. There’s nothing better than dogs and delicious food.


5. @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki might not dress up in human clothes or pose with food like other dogs on this list, but this guy’s Instagram account is super aesthetically pleasing. Loki, a husky, often goes hiking with his owners and poses against some stunning sights. He also likes to hang out in hammocks, which makes him even more perfect.


6. @malamutemoosh

Moosh is a massive ball of fluff straight outta Australia. We all want a Moosh in our lives to cuddle with, but we can live vicariously through his Instagram account where he eats eggs and tries to find a comfy spot on the couch.


7. @thelifeof_hank

Hank is a French bulldog who understands our lives on a whole other level. He’s seen flopping down on the street refusing to exercise, or looking bummed that it’s not yet Friday. Clever captions and a sweet little dog makes for a pretty great Instagram account.


8. @myregalbeagle

Sid the Beagle became famous for his love for pizza, but his account has since expanded to include this royal-looking doggie doing a variety of things. Best ones include Sid with a lamp on his head, or looking for tacos in a paper bag.


What are some of YOUR favorite doggie Instagram accounts?


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(Image via David Buchan/WENN)


- Emmy Freedman, YH Contributing Writer