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6 Wholesome Male Friendships on Television!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: January 22 2024


Oftentimes, men do not feel able to express their true selves in their friendships. Society may not let them feel comfortable sharing their emotions with other men, which can lead to some closed-off friendships. However, those behaviors are not very healthy and they do not lead to fully developed friendships. Great friendships involve total trust and the ability to be vulnerable. Men should be free to be able to express themselves around their closest friends.


Nowadays, it is becoming more common to see this open behavior, which is demonstrating how society is becoming more accepting. In addition, there are now positive representations of wholesome and emotional friendships in the media. There are now many television friendships where men are comfortable around each other and lift each other up through everything that life throws their way. These friendships are great examples of men being open and supportive with each other!


1. Joey and Chandler, "Friends"

A friend that’s a roommate means that you have to see this person all of the time, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. That could lead to complications for some friendships. However, for others, the friendship can stay just as strong. That is the beauty of the friendship between Joey and Chandler on "Friends". The two met when they were both in need of a roommate, and a wonderful friendship blossomed from there. While the two may be different in their habits, personalities, and relationships, they are able to find common ground for friendship. They are able to kick back together and watch episodes of "Baywatch" together. The two men get on each other’s nerves from time to time, but they are able to communicate with each other to help solve their squabbles. Joey and Chandler don’t always live together, as they move apart in the middle of the series. However, their friendship is still able to stay as strong as possible.




2. Nick and Schmidt. "New Girl"

A friend is meant to serve as a support system. Your friend may make you laugh, but they should also help you out when needed. That friend will be there when you ask for it, and even when you don’t ask for it. A friendship that fits this description is the one between Nick and Schmidt on "New Girl". The two met in college, then became roommates after college, and they have been best friends throughout this time. They often go out of their way to help each other as they don’t want to see their friend sad. Furthermore, they are often coming up with clever ideas for the two of them to have fun. They even keep track of their friendship anniversary and have big traditions for each other to honor the importance of this friendship. Nick and Schmidt have a one-of-a-kind friendship that is full of high energy and the right amount of emotional support.




3. Troy and Abed, "Community"

It is always nice to have a friend that helps you express your weirdness. After all, a real friend would not judge you but they would be acting weird right alongside you. That is what is so enjoyable about the friendship between Troy and Abed on "Community". The two did not become friends right away, but once they did, they were able to have a lot of fun together. Troy could let go of his cool reputation when he was with Abed, and Abed did not have to feel like he was being difficult for Troy. They could participate in their goofy games and activities, like their “Troy and Abed in the Morning” talk show, together. When Troy left, this was difficult on Abed, as they had become so dependent on each other throughout their time at community college. However, the memories still get to live on, and they got to have some great times when they were together. Troy and Abed showed that you’re never too old to be silly, and silliness is best with a friend.




4. J.D. and Turk, "Scrubs"

The workplace is usually not most people’s favorite place to hang out. However, having a friend at work can make the day a lot easier. On "Scrubs", J.D. and Turk work in a hospital together and they are also close friends. The two aren’t just work friends, but they are actual best friends. This can make some situations at work a lot more interesting. They started as roommates in college, then they went to medical school together, and now they get to work together while still being roommates. This is a friendship that has lasted through a lot, but it has survived every new step of life. These two like that they see each other all of the time and they feel sad when they do not see each other enough. They are as close as two friends can be, and they are not embarrassed about that. J.D. and Turk love each other very much and they show the strength of a friendship and the best parts of getting to have your friend at your job.




5. Kenan and Kel, "Kenan and Kel"

Sometimes, your best friend can get on your last nerve. However, at the end of the day, you still love and support them. There may be a lot of annoyances in Kenan and Kel’s friendship on "Kenan and Kel". Kenan is more of a straight-laced person that just wants to go to school and do his job without getting into trouble, while Kel is creating chaos wherever he goes and can not seem to sit still for even a second. Despite these differences, the two will often team up for wacky schemes and silly hijinks. They don’t always go as they planned, but they support each other through every step of the way. The two are so entertaining to watch because they always have fun and are not afraid to be as outrageous as possible. They may look ridiculous at times, but they look ridiculous together.




6. Ted and Marshall, "How I Met Your Mother"

A great friend will be with you through the great times, but they will also be there to support you through the bad times. Ted and Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother" have a friendship that is able to survive through thick and thin. The two have been best friends since college, then they moved into their first adult apartment together, and then they went through all of their big life experiences together. Ted was by Marshall’s side through his big breakup, and Marshall was by Ted’s side through all of his awful breakups. They are each other’s support net through the bad times. However, it is not always about sad moments. The two also like to have fun on the weekend together drinking at a bar or seeing what else the night has to offer. They’ll also just kick back and relax on a lazy day together. Ted and Marshall are with each other almost all of the time, and they would not abandon each other for any hardship or obstacle that comes their way.