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6 Places to Fall for Autumn in L.A.!

Written by Brennon Barclay. Published: November 03 2022


It’s hard to find typical “Holiday” (aka Seasonal) vibes in Southern California. It’s a part of the country where seasons are barely noticeable, and we do not get the same red, orange, and gold autumnal color palette that, say, New England receives.


However, not to worry because there are plenty of places you can go to get that Fall feeling without having to pack on 16 layers and nearly freeze to death!


Malibu Creek State Park

Plenty of fall foliage in this beautiful park that will definitely help you boost your Instagram to keep up with the colorful pics posted by New Yorkers. Perched in the Santa Monica Mountains, the views are nuts and the air is actually fresh, giving your lungs some reprieve and let you inhale crisper cooler air.


Mount Wilson Observatory

This 12-mile hike will take you from Los Angeles to Montana in a flash and is sure to bring you straight into a different seasonal feeling. Practically void of palm trees (which are not native to SoCal, btw), it provides the change of scenery you have been craving. It's also a good place to convince your friends you are outdoorsy, bohemian, and athletic even if you aren't.


The Grove

The Grove is always ready to go no matter what holiday is around the corner. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas and even Easter, this beautiful Disney-esque shopping complex gives you all the vibes you’ve been craving while battling temperatures in the high 90s. If you want to switch it up, there is also the Americana in Glendale, which serves up similar festive decorations.



This one is a no-brainer. Disneyland exists as its own insular world, completely unattached to anything going on beyond its walls. It is always happy, upbeat, and entirely on-point seasonally speaking. Although visiting is sadly not free, it is worth investing in pleasing your inner child. They also have plenty of junk food, and we all know calories don't count at Disneyland.


Underwood Family Farms

Pumpkins and avocados have undoubtedly become staples of a basic individual. However, “basic” should not be taken as an insult if you happen to love those two things. Embrace your inner sorority girl and take a day trip to Underwood Family Farms near Thousand Oaks to see the pumpkin patches and admire that wholesome farm feeling we don't get every day.


Malibu Wine Hikes

If you are over 21, or possess a good quality fake ID, take a visit to Malibu Wine Hikes, which transports you straight to Tuscany. The scenry is gorgeous and the wine is good, what’s not to love? Five Stars from me.