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6 Amazing On-Screen Bedrooms That Are Total Goals!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: February 19 2024
(Photo: Paramount Pictures)


When we watch movies and television shows, we usually watch them as an escape from reality. We take a break from our own lives and imagine what it would be like to live in the worlds of our favorite characters. We imagine being their friend, going to their school/work, and living their glamorous lives. Something else that can be fun to imagine is what it would be like to live in the bedrooms of our favorite characters. Usually in movies and television shows, due to their large budget, the bedrooms of characters usually look very organized and glamorous. It would be a dream to be able to sleep, work, and live a life in some of those bedrooms. Some of those on-screen bedrooms have been able to truly stand out on top. These are some of the coolest bedrooms from movies and television shows!


1. Carly's Bedroom, "iCarly" 

Imagine having a bedroom that is not only super colorful but is also decked out with the coolest accessories. For Carly Shay on iCarly, that was a reality. She originally had a standard-looking bedroom, but after it was burned in a fire, the insurance money allowed her to turn her bedroom into a paradise. The room had a fun pink and purple color scheme that any teen girl would adore. Not only that, but Carly also had a lot of fun room decor that made the space unique. She had a gummy bear chandelier with gummy bear mini statues, an ice cream sandwich loveseat, water-themed coffee table with functional toy boats, and more. Furthermore, the room had a high-tech closet where she could use a touchpad to find the clothes she wanted. EVerything about this bedroom was stylish and vastly improved Carly’s living situation.




2. Regina's Bedroom, Mean Girls

Even with mature bedroom styles, there can still be some great pops of color. Regina George from Mean Girls knew how to have that balance. As she says in the film, Regina got the master bedroom from her parents, which explains its large size for a teenage girl. For the most part, the room has a minimalist design that makes it tasteful. However, there are still plenty of fashionable touches. The room is centered around Regina’s large canopy bed with a hot pink canopy and bed spread. It matches the cute pink plaid chair and leg rest that Regina has off to the side. She also had a lovely old-school fireplace mantle where she keeps pictures, which helps make the room modern and classic. Along with the style in the room, what’s great about Regina’s bedroom is it goes right into a clean patio with a great view. This bedroom setup is very mature and shows why Regina is the Queen Bee.




3. DJ & Stephanie/Michelle's Bedroom, "Full House"

It can be difficult to share a bedroom with another person. It helps to have some flair. DJ and Stephanie’s, and later Stephanie and Michelle’s, bedroom in "Full House" is able to combine youthful innocence with a chic layout. Originally, it had simple energy. The walls were white but there were red accents and colorful circles all around the room. That matches the red and white window seat. The two beds had different bedspreads, but they still matched the walls. There was also a little wooden table to match the classic energy. The room was certainly cute. Later on in the series, the room gets a makeover, going from whimsical innocence to youthful sophistication. The walls became pale blue on top and dusty pink on bottom for a contrast. The bedspreads matched with pink on top and green and yellow stripes on the side. The wooden table was turned in for a teal table with white chairs, which matched the new window seat. Both of these bedroom styles demonstrated that there is a lot you can do to make children’s bedrooms look great.




4. Lara Jean's Bedroom, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

A room does not necessarily have to be fancy in order to look pretty. Sometimes, it just takes a few decorations to give a room some style. Lara Jean from To All The Boys I Loved Before understood simple elegance in a bedroom. Her room was about the size of a typical teenage bedroom with the typical amount of mess. However, there was some beauty in her wall decor. Lara Jean’s walls were a gorgeous shade of turquoise and were covered with pink flowers and green loves. The colors on this wall were all able to complement each other really well. They are also able to complement her pretty pink bedspread with the accent turquoise pillow. Another fun part of the walls was the one turquoise wall without flowers, but instead had a collage of many pictures for an artsy look. There is nothing too complicated about Lara Jean’s bedroom, but it is clearly full of style.




5. Drake and Josh's Bedroom, "Drake & Josh"

Even teenage boys can have bedrooms that are aesthetically pleasing. Drake and Josh from "Drake & Josh" were able to make their bedroom look trendy and tasteful. A great part of the bedroom was its size. The bedroom fit both of the boys’ beds comfortably, as well as a few stairs to go into an area with a couch and a television. Their bedroom was essentially a mini apartment. Each side of the bedroom was able to reflect each of the stepbrothers' personalities well. Drake’s side with the cool lofted bed had fun string lights as well as his amps, cool mini statues, and other little touches of style. Josh’s side was neater and had cool decorations of license plates on his wall for a subtle dash of creativity. It all came together with the red couch and yellow chair for the television, which was really what tied the room together. It can be hard for opposites to share a bedroom. However, with a space like this one, anything can work.




6. Kat's Bedroom, 10 Things I Hate About You

A bedroom should be an expression of your personality. In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat Stratford’s bedroom perfectly displayed her personality and interests. There weren’t any colorful walls in Kat’s bedroom. However, that’s pretty much just an assumption, as we do not actually see Kat’s physical walls. Every square inch of her room was covered in music posters. It is clear from her walls that she loved so many different bands and singers. A collage like that clearly took time, and that demonstrates dedication to having a great bedroom. There were also examples in Kat’s bedroom of her artsy side with her colorful bedspread and her easel in the center of the room. What makes Kat’s bedroom so great is that it feels like her home and is covered in everything that she loves.