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5 Ways To Stay Motivated With Your New Year's Resolutions!

Written by Hannah Brown. Published: January 12 2016


The end of January is approaching, and even if you don’t want to admit it, your efforts to keep up with your New Year’s resolution may be starting to slide. Other things are coming up, and the first month of a new year is busy for a lot of people. If you feel like you’re falling off the motivation train, here are some ideas to keep you motivated!


1. Find a teammate. You don’t have to always motivate yourself alone. It can be tough at times. Find a buddy to send you positive quotes and invite you places. And do the same for them. Whether you've decided to eat healthier, workout more, spend more hours working, give yourself more free time, or anything else, another person on the same boat will be sure to be a positive influence.


2. Write it down. Things get put on the back-burner so easily when you don’t have a set date and time for them. Even if you are planning to give yourself free time, write it down. If you’re the type of person who always needs to work, you aren’t going to fit it into your schedule unless you literally write it in your schedule. If you want to workout before work but don’t think you have time, you do. Write down a time to wake up and follow through. It will be over before you know it and you will feel so proud afterwards. No one regrets working out, but you do regret not working out.


3. Go outside. The sun can really do wonders for a foggy brain. Take a walk even if it’s a block or two to gather your thoughts and regroup.


4. Take notes on your progress. Whether it's miles run or hours spent doing (or not doing) something, record what you are doing so you can continue to move forward.


5. Give yourself a reward. Maybe for every week that you meet your goals, you can have a shopping day. Or a cheat meal. Anything that keeps you motivated.


The main point is to find unique or interesting ways to keep yourself up and about to stay on track. Once you complete certain goals, you are going to want to create more. Make sure you stay positive and get support from friends and family as well. Good luck!


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- Hannah Brown, YH Contributing Writer