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5 TikTok Gems For Your Summer Moodboard!

05-31-2021 by Derin Yılmaz

  ( © Liz Lovery/@lizlovery/TikTok)  


Instead of feeling like you just wasted three hours scrolling on TikTok at 2am, you can change your daily TikTok journey and turn your TikTok experience into an inspirational egg-hunt to find trendy ideas for your Summer to-do list. Here are 5 TikTok gems we found for you to try this Summer!


1. Cocktail Bombs Are The Prettiest Way To Drink This Summer

What if you could drink those sparkly and colorful bath bombs? Well, you can! The Canadian based small business, Cocktail Bomb Shop (@cocktailbombshop), recently went viral on TikTok with their pretty and delicious cocktail bombs for the Summer! The cocktail bombs come in various flavors and pretty pastel colors of your choice, and it is so satisfying to watch them fizz! The small business is also eco-friendly, vegan, and female-owned!!! A "Margarita Bomb" from this creative small business is a must for a fun Happy Hour with your friends this summer!



2. Fancy Beach Picnics  

Who says you can't be a little extra with your beach picnic set-up? One of the best ideas I got from TikTok for the Summer was "aesthetic beach picnics". It may seem like a lot to bring a mini-table, candles, and fancy dishes to the beach for a casual picnic, but why not? You will have a delicious charcuterie board accompanied by a beautiful sunset, ocean views, and the best picnic set-up! Liz Lovery (@lizlovery) focuses on decor and style tips on her TikTok account, and she has the best aesthetic sense when it comes to fancy picnic spreads that will make you feel like having a picnic in a Jane Austen novel!



3. Get Your Book Of The Month Because Reading Is Hot!

Emma Chamberlain wasn’t lying when she told us that "reading makes you hot" in her April 25th vlog. #BookTok is one of my favorite sections to spend time in on TikTok. It is almost like entering into a world of bookworms who share your love for reading and new books! The All The Rad Reads (@alltheradreads) #BookTok account creates great reading lists and introduced me to Book Of The Month (@bookofthemonth), a subscription service that sends you a box with 5 books-of-the-month. What’s more fun than receiving a mystery box with possibly your new favorite Summer read while tanning at the beach, Emma Chamberlain style?!



4. Paint Your Mirror For Aesthetic Mirror Selfies

The TikTok art account Susanna (@issasuzie) gave me the best idea for an aesthetic Summer photoshoot with her viral mirror painting tutorial. All you need is your go-to mirror for your mirror selfies, some acrylic paint, and brushes. The next step is to draw anything that matches your Summer aesthetic (like butterflies or popsicles) on the mirror without covering the entire space. Once finished with the painting, bring your mirror outside to get some sunlight and take some artsy mirror selfies for your Summer 2021 feed!



5. Buy Affordable White Sneakers & Paint Them

There are amazing style inspiration accounts on TikTok with unique fashion ideas to try for the Summer!  Ambria (@aestheticfashion19) is one of them, and she knows the best way to design your summer shoewear! All you need are your favorite colors of Acrylic Leather Paint and a pair of not-so-fancy white shoes (preferably from Walmart) that you won’t mind treating as a canvas. Paint the shoes, and there you’ll have your new favorite Summer kicks uniquely painted by you!