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5 Sweet & Spooky Halloween Treats From TikTok!

10-29-2021 by Melissa Morales



Halloween is right around the corner, literally, so what better time to get into baking and creating while staying cozy at home and plopping down on the sofa to watch some horror movies over this upcoming spooky weekend?!


TikTok users are up and ready with making super fun and festive Halloween sweets and treats ideas to share with friends and family.


Let’s start off with this absolutely adorable idea from TikTok user @themodernnonna. Using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate icing, Oreos, and eye chocolate chips, it’s such a simple yet very cute treat as a mini finger food -- baby bats!



Next, we have TikTok user @mamabrisrecipes who really gets into the heart of baking. Making a tasty-looking brownie cake, cutting it, and mixing vanilla chocolate chips to make frosting, she pours it over the brownie with added coconut oil, then applies eye chocolate chips and more frosting over it to create mummy brownies! I can’t even imagine how yummy this one tastes!



We have our potion books open for this next idea with TikTok user @bakersexpressbp, who shows us how to make witch fingers! Using pretzel sticks, vanilla frosting, green and black food dye, and almonds, it’s such a clever yet realistic treat. Make sure to take a bite before another witch casts a spell on you!


@bakersexpressbp Witch Fingers! ?‍♀️? a fun and easy treat to make for Halloween! #halloween#desserts#halloweentreats#witches#SoundcoreGoForGold#fyp♬Tainted Love - Soft Cell


If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas (and aren't we all?), this one’s especially for you! TikTok user @ywmfamily shows us some cute Jack Skellington cake pop treats! Using Oreos, vanilla frosting, black decorating gel, and white chocolate chips, we are left with an aesthetically fun Halloween treat idea that is perfect for Halloween parties and, of course, Instagram-worthy pictures!



Last but certainly not least, one final idea comes directly from Disney! TikTok's @disneyparks shows us how to create the iconic Poisoned Skull Apple using apples, caramel, red and green frosting, and an eye for drawing precision. Just be careful to not get tricked by the Witch of Snow White into your sleeping death!


@disneyparks One taste of the Poisoned Skull Apple and you’ll fall in love with this wicked treat ? #Disney#DisneyParks#Disneyland#Halloween#HelloFall#Sweets♬original sound - Disney Parks


What about a cupcake with marshmallow ghosts? Or an orange frosted cake with a Jack-o-Lantern’s face iced on top? What about a super cool “bloody” donut using red food dye? The ideas are endless when it comes to being creative and thinking of fun ways to incorporate Halloween into baking. The small details are those that especially matter, so let’s blast on some Halloween tunes and get to baking!!!