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5 Shows To Watch If You’re Missing "The Summer I Turned Pretty" This Year!

Written by Emma Kassel. Published: June 24 2024
(Photo: Prime Video)


The Good News: Popular teen TV show "The Summer I Turned Pretty" is getting a third season!


The Bad News: ...but not until 2025.


Jenny Han’s trilogy of novels was originally published in 2009 and was adapted into a TV show by Prime Video, premiering in June of 2022. Among the several projects postponed until the conclusion of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Season 3 will be delayed by a year since terms could not be reached in time for the next season to premiere in the Summer of 2024. So, if you’re missing out on "The Summer I Turned Pretty" this year, we have a few other shows that might replace your Summer binge!




1. "The OC"

The OC follows Ryan Atwood, a troubled boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Chino who ends up in juvy, but what happens when he’s taken into the home of his public defender in glamorous Newport Beach? Now living with his adoptive brother Seth, and having a thing for his next-door neighbor Marissa, Ryan could get in a lot less trouble where he’s from. He finds himself amid a superficial high-class society filled with wealthy teenagers and their sun-drenched angst. Stream on Max and Hulu.



2. "Revenge"

Emily Throne was a Hamptons regular until her family’s reputation was ruined, sending her father to jail and her to juvy. Years late,r she moves back and is on a quest for revenge, making friends with the locals and worming her way into the lives of those who hurt her without revealing her past. She vows to get revenge on those who harmed her and her family, regardless of the cost. Set in the affluent community of East Hampton, this show is filled with drama, chaos, and passion. Stream on Hulu.




3. "90210"

Whether you're watching the original series from 1990 or the reboot from 2008, you’re in for a summer filled with love triangles, diner visits, and beach days. Both versions of "90210" follow two kids and their parents from the Midwest as they move to Beverly Hills and adjust to their new lives, going to West Beverly High with several wealthy students. The new group deals with classic teen issues such as peer pressure, shoplifting, rumors, sex, and dysfunctional families. Stream "Beverly Hills, 90210" on Paramount+; Stream "90210" on The CW.




4. "Dawson’s Creek"

Based on the life of writer Kevin Williamson, who has also worked on projects such as the Scream franchise, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and "The Vampire Diaries", "Dawson’s Creek" follows the lives of 4 high schoolers living in the fictional New England town of Capeside. The show gives off a summery feel, with the characters boating to each other's houses along the creek, and is also filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, just like "The Summer I Turned Pretty". The show also features an iconic love triangle between Dawson and Pacey and their childhood best friend Joey. Stream on Hulu and Prime Video.




5. "Everwood"

Although "Everwood" is set in the fictional town of Everwood, Colorado, and takes place during the Winter, it gives off the same vibes as "The Summer I Turned Pretty". The show follows Ephram and Delia as they move with their father, who is a world-renowned surgeon, to Colorado after their mother’s death. If you’re looking for a character as angsty as Conrad Fisher, Ephram Brown is for you. The show prominently features a will-they/won’t-they relationship between Ephram and the daughter of the other town doctor, Amy. Stream on Prime Video.