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5 Shows To Check Out If You Love "Outer Banks"!

Written by Emma Cohen. Published: March 12 2023


Season 3 of "Outer Banks" just dropped on Netflix, and if you fall into the majority of people who binged this season in one weekend, then you likely began experiencing withdrawals the moment the credits rolled after that wild season finale. If you’re searching to fill the OBX-sized void in your heart, then look no further. Whether you’re craving more teen angst, suspenseful action, or love triangles, this list of shows is for you!


1. "The O.C."

This early-2000s teen drama is considered one of the most iconic modern soap operas to come out of that decade, and "Outer Banks" is probably the most reminiscent of it. Revolving around the Cohen and Cooper families in the wealthy beachside community of Newport Beach, families clash, secrets loom, and relationships are tested. Social class conflict? Lovers uniting and being pulled apart? Family drama? Fights on the beach? Panning shots of the ocean set to the sound of Y2K indie-rock? You name it, "The O.C."’s got it. Stream now on Hulu and HBO Max.




2. "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

Now, this book-to-screen adaptation of Jenny Han’s novel of the same name may not feature any police chases or lost gold, but it does feature sun-kissed teen drama, pomegranate margaritas, and various Taylor Swift bangers. Essentially, if you’re looking for another show that has aspects of an endless summer and coming-of-age love and turmoil, then you will be obsessed with Belly Conklin (Lola Tung) as she is torn between two brothers while preparing for a debutante ball. Stream now on Prime Video.




3. "The Society"

Just like in "Outer Banks", the teens in "The Society" take charge. In this contemporary Lord of the Flies scenario, a group of high school students must create social order following the mysterious disappearance of all townspeople. They create their own rules, just like the Pogues did on a deserted island -- or just like JJ does in any given situation. Whereas the Pogues reject authority, the teens in "The Society" must learn to live without conventional authority. If you loved "Outer Banks" for its suspense, chaos, and drama, then this is a must-watch. Stream now on Netflix.




4. "Teenage Bounty Hunters"

The title is fairly self-explanatory. They’re teenagers! They become bounty hunters! In addition to this fresh and exciting plot, the show also closely focuses on twin sisters grappling with their religion and sexuality. Like "Outer Banks", it is set in a Southern town, and these teens are at odds with the elite members of a traditional community in this satirical, sharp series. Stream now on Netflix.  




5. "One Tree Hill"

In terms of early-2000s teen dramas, "One Tree Hill" can be considered "The O.C."’s sister show. Both "Outer Banks" and "One Tree Hill" take place in North Carolina and contain a plethora of love triangles, love rectangles, love pentagons, etc. With continual twists and turns, the chemistry and fortitude of the lead characters are brought to the forefront. This show is melodrama at its best, and you will treasure it almost as much as John B’s father treasures the lost city of El Dorado. Stream now on Hulu and HBO Max.




Happy watching!