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5 Reasons Why Astrid S Will Be 2020’s Breakout Artist!

01-03-2020 by Nicole Koch

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I’m putting my money where my mouth is and saying Astrid S is going to take over 2020!


She’s been killing the music game for a few years now and people everywhere truly love her. This year, I want to see her winning awards at mainstream award shows, strutting down red carpets, and collabing with the hottest artists. She’s already done so with top artists such as Shawn Mendes, but it’s bb’s time to SHINE, even more than she already has! She was also listed as an Artist to Watch in 2019 by Vevo! Well, we’ve been watching her too, and it’s TIME.




Check out the main reasons (out of a million, legit) she’s going to win 2020:


1. Her voice is literally heaven-sent and so unique

I really can’t describe her voice any more than I did above. There are a lot of artists out there who have a similar sound to each other, but Astrid S has managed to stay in her own lane, which makes her even more special! Okay, let me try to describe her voice again -- like the most magical butter was churned by angels up in the clouds, that you can hear the best when you’re dreaming because those high notes are unearthly. Get it?



2. Her lyrics break hearts everywhere (but in the best way)

[deep breath] Okay where do I start... I have basically every song of hers saved to my Spotify, and she was one of my top artists of 2019. All of her songs have SUCH deep and meaningful lyrics, and I feel seen by her, every. Single. Time. She’s made me cry countless times too, and I feel like that’s a sign of a true artist – one that can evoke emotion in people so easily. For example:


Side Love

Never wanna hit you first, been a week without a word
Yeah, it always turns out messy, someone gets hurt
Can't tell you how I feel, yeah, I know we had a deal
Not tryna mess it up but it just feels right


We said it from the start, got no room for broken hearts
You got to keep your feelings on ice, right
My power to the shields, be careful with your feels
And stay inside the bubble lie


Paper Thin

You make me feel like a piece of art
Hanging on your wall just like my heart
Making shadows even in the dark
I'm see-through but I won't fall apart


I Don’t Wanna Know

Can't say I want you to be sad
But I didn't think you'd move so fast
And I can't look at you holding someone new
Thinking about it only hurts
'Cause I know you use my tricks on her
But could you please not go
To every place I showed you?
I'm still doing everything I can to just get over you


TRUST ISSUES EP out in 2 days ???????????????

A post shared by Astrid S (@astridsofficial) on

Aug 28, 2019 at 1:22am PDT



3. She’s not afraid to be silly AF

You know there are people who are too afraid to be silly and make ugly faces (even though, when Astrid S tries, she’s legit never ugly!), and then there are people like Astrid S who are real as hell and post things on social that are FUNNY. It seems like she doesn’t take certain parts of her life too seriously and it’s so inspiring.


alexa play rise and shine by Kylie Jenner

A post shared by Astrid S (@astridsofficial) on

Oct 17, 2019 at 10:42pm PDT



4. Her style isunmatched

She rocks bright ass colors all the time and does it so effortlessly. They bring out her angel face and hauntingly gorgeous blue eyes and really represent her outgoing and colorful personality!



A post shared by Astrid S (@astridsofficial) on

Apr 8, 2019 at 8:38am PDT



5. She’s a Scorpio!!!

All my astrology folk, need I say more? Scorpios are POWERFUL, so strong and so deep. You can feel her birth chart through her songs and we absolutely love her for it. Scorpios run $#!t (I’m a Scorpio Moon, so I may be biased, but whatever).


â˜„ï¸ 23 ☄ï¸

A post shared by Astrid S (@astridsofficial) on

Oct 29, 2019 at 11:40am PDT



Trust me, you don’t want to live another day without Astrid S’s music in your life. DM me when you’re ready to discuss!


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