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5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions!

01-07-2021 by Andi Ortiz

  ( © NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)  


We’re a week into the new year so it’s time to check in – how are your resolutions going?


Honestly, no matter the answer, we’re proud of you. Because here’s the thing; resolutions don’t really need to be a thing this year. We made it through 2020, and right now, the focus is just continuing to make it through. That said, if you’re someone who is goal-oriented and still wants a new year’s resolution or two, that’s great too! Here are a few super easy, realistic “resolutions” to have this year.


1. Wear Real Pants (Maybe) Twice a Month

If there’s one thing we abandoned early in 2020, it was pants. When the world began shutting down in March, we were done with wearing real pants everyday by the end of April. Because really, what was the point? Zoom calls and Google Hangouts only require you to be visible from the waist up. You might as well be comfy from the waist down. And by the end of the year, putting on real pants became a daunting task, simply for the fear of if they’d still fit or not. In 2021, we’re for some semblance of normalcy again. So maybe try putting on real pants twice a month, even if it’s only for an hour. Or don’t! Honestly, live your life, boo.


2. Check In With Your Loved Ones Once a Week

We still can’t quite hang out with our friends and family yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see them. Even if FaceTiming has gotten old, and virtual happy hours aren’t as fun as before, it’s still important to check in with your people. But checking in can be as simple as a text. Send a quick “Hey, you doing okay?” to someone you love, and really mean it. By no means should you sacrifice your own mental health to do this, though, so if you’re not feeling it, feel free to take a beat. And if that is case, don’t be afraid to ask for support! There are good days and bad days, and we need each other to get through them all.


3. Joy-Scroll a Bit More

Listen, we all know social media can be a bit of a hellscape, and with as much bad news as we got in 2020 (and, let's face it, in 2021), it was easy to get sucked into doom-scrolling. So, in 2021, let’s try joy-scrolling. Find a topic that makes you happy and just go live in that corner of Twitter for a bit. Scroll all the way back to 2018 on WeRateDogs, like every gif of Harry Styles you can find, dive deep into the latest dance challenge on TikTok. Limiting screen time has gone out the window at this point anyway, right? Might as well make it fun.


4. Make Yourself a Meal Once a Week

We’re not saying become a chef here. We’re just saying that we know how quickly ordering take-out can and has added up. Maybe the delivery drivers know you by name, and that’s awesome! We love making friends! But if you want to scale back on that bill a bit, just try making dinner once a week. Again, we’re not talking gourmet food. Make yourself a box of mac and cheese, toss a salad together, make a fancy batch of oatmeal. Even something small can feel like a big accomplishment and save you some money.


5. Get Back Into Your Shows

While we can all agree that we’ve missed having new episodes of television to watch, it’s a weird sensation when you realize just how relieved you are to have new content to consume. It’s like reuniting with old friends. With the new year, a lot of shows are returning to television, having taken some time to figure out how to film relatively safely. Watch them live! Sure, commercials are a drag, but there’s a unity in heading to social media to discuss what’s happening live. Trust us, it’s a warm fuzzy you need.


Of course, at the end of the day, if all you’ve done is wake up and move to a different room, you’re doing just fine. Remember, the real goal is just to keep on keeping on.