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5 Hit Songs With a Creepy Twist!

Written by Mike Dolzer. Published: October 15 2016


One of my favorite parts of Halloween — aside from the copious amounts of candy, of course — is the festive music that you get to play without being judged. There are many classic spooky songs like “Monster Mash”, “This is Halloween”, and “Ghostbusters”, but any Halloween playlist could feature those solid yet overdone classics. If you want your song selections to be the scariest of all, try these non-traditional tracks to add a surprising and scary twist to your playlist!


“Enjoy The Silence”- Depeche Mode




Depeche Mode has that pleasantly retro sound that makes '80s lovers like me go mad (in a good way), and their song “Enjoy The Silence” is no different. The band creates a horror-inspired sound that still succeeds in being upbeat. My heart pulsates with the instrumentals in this song while the singing lets me slide into a confusing state of terror and tranquility. The way the band manages to fill “the silence” at the end of the track is both strange and oddly fitting, making for one hell of a hair-raising song.


“Tear You Apart”- She Wants Revenge (NSFW)




Last year, this creepy 2005 song resurfaced in the premiere of “American Horror Story: Hotel” during a sex scene. Since then, the song has rocketed in popularity, and now it’s a shining example of more modern music mixed with flavors of fear. The notion of tearing someone apart is both explicit and scary, playing off primal desires and fears. It’s also insanely catchy and has the sound of some gothic '80s bands like Depeche Mode. With its suggestive lyrics and violent undertones, I recommend that you save this song for mature audiences.


“Morning After Dark”- Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Soshy




This Timbaland song is just as infectious as his other hits, but this is truly the artist’s deepest plunge into fearful fare. The track features a haunting instrumental that blends urban sounds with spookier noises, and the lyrics about vampires coming out to play make for a deliciously dark song from a mainstream artist. The song also gets extra points for having Nelly Furtado singing near a black cat in the video.


“Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”- deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire




“Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” is an EDM masterpiece that is perfect for any Halloween shindig. The thumping bass is good for dancing, but the eerie electro noises that populate the piece are what truly put it in the realm of the spooky. Paired with Rob Swire’s synthesized screams, the song manages to have a scary vibe without being obvious or over the top, but everything deadmau5 crafts is wickedly good.


“Disturbia”- Rihanna




“Disturbia” is a more recent throwback performed by superstar Rihanna. This one is a bit more obvious for why it fits the season, due to its unnerving piano playing in the beginning of the song and overall composition. The trance-like “bum-bum-bee-dum” refrain that permeates the song lures your mind into the lyrics, which touches on darkness and insanity. Essentially, this song is a late-2000s version of  “Thriller”.


Dare to be different this Halloween by adding some of these spooky songs to your rotation. You’ll be treating your ears to some catchy and fresh fears!


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- Mike Dolzer, YH Contributing Writer