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5 Easy Meals You Can Make In Your Dorm Room With Only a Microwave!

Written by Jazlen Patrick. Published: March 08 2024


If one thing holds true for all colleges and universities, it's that the dining hall food… isn't that great. Sure, during orientation, they had the best of the best meals, but after that, you can pretty much expect to get tired of the cafeteria food.


But have no fear, TikTok is here! Many creators on TikTok share easy recipes that you can recreate in your dorm room only using a microwave! No pots or pans needed! Making food in your dorm isn’t easy, especially since most colleges don't allow any other cooking apparatus aside from a microwave, BUT it is definitely possible. Here are a few recipes from Tik Tok that you can try out!


1. Alfredo Pasta

Who knew you could eat alfredo in your dorm room? I sure didn’t. But it turns out to be super easy! All you need is pasta sauce and any noodles of your choice and you’re good to go! You can add seasoning to your liking, and as you’ll see, you will be able to use these seasonings in other recipes too. No waste here. It’s not quite an Olive Garden meal, but it gets the job done and your craving satisfied.


we’re struggling but atleast we aren’t struggling and hungry

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2. Loaded Baked Potato

Okay, this one might just be my favorite! I wish I would have made this when I was still living in a dorm. Just imagine a warm potato in a cold room with a blanket wrapped around you (which will pretty much be every night because dorm rooms are freezing). This meal takes less than 5 minutes and will potentially have you feeling like you just made a home-cooked meal.


3. “Mexican” Street Corn

I don’t know why I didn’t put this meal as number one, but it definitely deserves the top spot! It’s super creative and super easy. I never would have thought of this idea on my own, but hey that’s what TikTok is for, right? With minimal ingredients (and dishes) this is something easy to pull off right in the comfort of your room. Make a little for a quick snack or a lot for a quick meal and there you have it, “Mexican” street corn!


4. Cheese Nachos

This meal is the definition of quick and easy! In less than 5 minutes, you have every restaurant's favorite appetizer. And the best part is, you can dress it up to your liking -- More cheese, less cheese, olives, no olives, or, quite frankly, whatever ingredients fit your budget! Load it up (or down) and enjoy!

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5. Jazz Up Your Ramen Noodles

There are countless videos showing many different ways to make ramen noodles. And sure, you may not do exactly what the TikToker does to her noodles, but the takeaway here is to work with what ya got and jazz it up to make it better! Whether it’s adding extra seasonings, some microwavable veggies or an egg, there are so many ways to make these boring ol' noodles 10 times better.


You paid for it, so we definitely want you to use that meal plan card, but just in case you want to switch it up, we’ve got you covered.