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5 Black-Owned Beauty Businesses To Check Out Right Now!

02-02-2023 by Ahshara Colon

  ( © Leon Bennett/Getty Images for PATTERN Beauty)  


Supporting Black Businesses, not just during Black History Month but all year round, is definitely something worth investing your time and money into. Take a look at these companies that’ll take care of all your skincare and makeup needs and have you never looking back!


1. Ancient Cosmetics

Ancient Cosmetics is a Black-owned business based out of North Carolina founded as a way to divert the use of products with harsh chemicals. Using natural oils and herbs, they curated a company with products great for people with sensitive skin and gentle enough for babies! They have a wide variety of products ranging from body scrubs and body oils to candles and bath bombs. Scents like “Watch me Blossom” and “Delicate Rose” are some of their most popular smells, and they have great reviews on their turmeric products, which are great for those with hyperpigmentation and/or dark spots.


2. Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty, founded by Rihanna, was launched in 2017 with a goal to create beauty products for everyone, and a focus on skin tones that are traditionally hard to match. From foundation to setting spray to primer, this company has got you covered. Literally! Rihanna’s company later expanded to Fenty Skin, once again creating a marvelous round of products for all skin types. 


3. Black Girl Sunscreen

Shontay Lundy founded Black Girl Sunscreen in 2016 as a way to support Black skin, as there is a lack of sunscreen within the beauty market made for Black skin. Most sunscreens leave a white cast on darker skin tones. With this in mind, Lundy created Black Girl Sunscreen that leaves no white cast and provides extra hydration for Black skin.


4. Buttah

Buttah byDorion Renaud was founded in 2018 as a company specially focused on “melanin rich skin” so that customers can finally find a solution for common skincare issues such as discoloration, dryness, blemishes, and more. If your skin suffers from any of these, then this company must be for you!


5. Pattern

Founded by actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern was made to create “pattern positivity” and “support the curliest, coiliest, & tightest of hair textures”. Pattern is all about embracing Black hair textures and loving and supporting them. Pattern features products to wash, condition, treat, and style hair, as well as blogs to help you learn to do so and provide further guidance.


Happy Shopping!!