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4 Make-up Trends That Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

09-15-2020 by Mary Shannon Donnelly

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Right now, it is the new reality to wear masks every time you step out of your door. With temperatures hitting all-time highs and states beginning to open outside dining and activities, the outdoors and sweating seem to go hand in hand. Many of us do not want to wear a full face of make-up just to sweat it all off or for half of our face to be covered by our favorite and most necessary new accessory, our masks. However, with your eyes being one of the main features of your face to still be showed off, you can create eye-catching looks to attract anyone’s attention with these 4 eye make-up trends to utilize this summer & fall!


1. Glitter

Whether you wear it by itself or add it on top of one of your favorite eye looks, glitter can match any color and go with every outfit. Whether your glitter is from Kylie Cosmetics, Tarte, or Anastasia Beverly Hills, it is bound to make an impact on your eyelids. The eye look below by model Nyah Brandl takes a simple silver glitter eyeshadow and applies it to the inner corner of the eyelids. This technique brightens the eyes and has a super easy application process. You can never mess up with a little glitter!



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Feb 14, 2020 at 9:13am PST


2. Floating Eyeliner

Floating eyeliner is one of the more popular make-up trends that has started to make its way onto my Instagram feed and even onto my face. Just like the glitter, floating eyeliner is super simple but does not force you to go out and buy any new products. You can use any eyeliner that you have in your make-up bag or you can try something new with a pop of color! In the Instagram post below, you can see that Myla, a content creator, uses her make-up skills and a neon pink liquid eyeliner to create a double extended cat-eye look. Another great aspect of floating eyeliner is that you can use multiple colors and can get adventurous with your looks!


3. Neon

Neon eyeshadow is always a crowd favorite as you can match it with your favorite top, shoes, bag, or, nowadays, your go-to mask! Back in the '80s, neon was all the rage, and it seems that neon is making its way into our lives again this year! Whether you choose to go with one solid color, a variety of colors, an eyeliner, or a neon glitter, there are multiple different ways to purchase and use this neon trend. The eye look below, worn by Maddie Ziegler, highlights her new collaboration with Morphe in her Imagination palette. She is wearing the shadow entitled "5" in the Instagram picture below.


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4. Colored Eyeliner

If you are looking for just a small pop of color, colored eyeliner is the choice for you! Whether you decide to do a colored floating eyeliner or your favorite cat-eye, there is not a wrong color choice for your eyelids. One of my favorite colored eyeliner trends right now is white eyeliner, as it brightens the eye and is a simple color that matches every outfit and pattern. In the look below, make-up artist Lauren Kirk-Henry rocks a chunky neon pink cat eyeliner. So grab your favorite color liner and take your look to the next level with this simple yet bold make-up trend.


Whether you are a skilled make-up artist or you are brand new to the make-up game, all 4 of these make-up trends are super easy and allow a lot of creative freedom to your make-up routine. So take some glitter and a pop of color and spice up your going-out look, without sweating it all off!