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4 Burning Questions We Hope Get Answered In 'A Quiet Place 2'!

Written by María Calvo. Published: April 29 2020
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With its release date postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have a lot of time to think about the sequel of A Quiet Place, written and directed by John Krasinski (yes, Jim from “The Office”). The critically-acclaimed horror film left us literally speechless and with a lot of questions that went unanswered!




So, let’s consider some of the mysteries that will hopefully be clarified inA Quiet Place 2 -- But careful, there will be some spoilers ahead from the first movie!


1. Where do the monsters come from?


We’ve seen what they eat and how they hunt, but we can’t say that we know a lot about them! I mean, are they aliens? Mutations? The truth is, we want more information.

Hopefully the second movie will dig a little deeper into the origins of the deadly creatures that have taken over our planet, or at least give us some clues to think about!


2. How many survivors are out there?


It’s hard to measure how many people are still alive – after all, it’s tricky to communicate in this dystopian scenario. However, it’s clear from the first movie that the Abbott family isn’t the only one standing, and it looks like we’re finally going to meet some new survivors very soon!


In the trailer for A Quiet Place 2, a mysterious new character is introduced: Emmet, played by the talented Cillian Murphy (no stranger to post-apocalyptic dystopias where deadly creatures have taken over the world, as seen in 28 Days Later). Although his motivations seem a bit unclear at first sight, we’re dying to see whether he will help the family make it to a safe place. Sadly, looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out!




3. How can the baby survive?


I’m not skeptical, just scared. When survival depends on your ability to be quiet, it’s not easy to picture a bright future for the youngest member of the family.


Besides, with their house basically destroyed, they have nothing. They are taking a leap of faith travelling out in the open with a baby that could attract the creepy monsters at any time – but that’s what family is for, right?


4. How will their dad’s sacrifice affect his kids?


For the sequel, Krasinski is not only back as screenwriter and director, but also as his beloved character Lee Abbott. Considering he died protecting his children, it’s very likely that we’ll only see him through flashbacks from before the “apocalypse”, but I’m very excited to see how their lives used to be and how they first adapted to the situation!


However, losing a parent (or husband) leaves a big emotional scar that stays with you forever. His legacy will inevitably have an impact on the rest of the family, which is something we at Young Hollywood hope is explored in the movie.


And now, it’s time to be patient and wait for the new release date to be announced!


Check out the official poster for #AQuietPlace Part II. See it in theatres March 20.

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