3 Major Hopes We Have For 'Frozen 3'!

03-06-2023 by Raphael Brown

(Walt Disney Animation Studios)


When the original Frozen released a decade ago, it was an instant smash hit. However, the sequel movie failed to live up to expectations, due in part to the film’s troubled, messy production. With Frozen 3 now on the horizon, let’s take a deep dive into our hopes for the latest installment!


1. Memorable Music Numbers 

TheFrozen franchise has had a reputation for producing some of the most catchy musical numbers in Disney’s animated musical history. Between "Love is An Open Door", "Let it Go", and "Into the Unknown", the series is known for producing a ton of banger songs. This aspect of the series is consistently good too. Regardless of the quality of the story or what the characters are doing, the songs have always been the highlights of the films. Let’s hope thatFrozen 3 continues that trend. 



2. A Story with Stakes 

This is something the first Frozen movie mostly nailed. Elsa’s fear of her ice powers and being hunted by the kingdom of Arendelle created a lot of good tension and drama that made you want to see Anna bring her back home. Similarly, the conflict with the Elementals in the second Frozen movie also lent itself to a more serious tone compared to the first. Frozen 3, then, is faced with a bit of a dilemma: Do they decide to keep the slightly more serious tone that the second movie was going for, or will Disney decide to give fans a throwback to the lighter, cheerier tone of the first movie? Only time will tell. Either way, we’re excited to see what they have in store for us! 



3. Fun for the Whole Family 

Finally, we wish that the latest Frozen manages to be something that every family member can enjoy. As enjoyable as the original movie was, it did have a reputation for catching on with younger audiences a lot more than older ones. The list of YouTube videos with kids singing “Let it Go” in 2014 alone could be numerous enough to fill a Spotify music playlist. And while the story of the second film was interesting in theory, critics online felt it left a lot to be desired. For this outing, though, we’d want this third entry to be something that everyone, no matter how critical they are, to at least have fun with what they’re watching. The story doesn’t have to be as deep as something like "The Last of Us", but it should provide the audience with a good mix of drama, laughs, and catchy tunes. 


Frozen 3 is currently in development. Watch this space for more!