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Which Avenger Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

03-06-2023 by AnnMary Mailyan

(Marvel Entertainment)


Avengers, assemble! If you read this in Captain America’s voice and instantly had a flashback of the most epic battle in the MCU, then you’re a true Marvel fan! Ever since childhood, we love picking up the coolest and strongest characters and make them our favorites, trying to resemble them as much as possible. However, as we grow up and start understanding ourselves better, we may notice that we’re actually quite like other characters, the ones we didn’t pay attention to as a child. Today, let’s mix superheroes with astrology and find out which Avenger you have the most similarities with based on your zodiac sign!


(NOTE: In this article, the results aren’t based on the characters’ actual birthdays, rather on their characteristics. So, don’t be surprised to see, for instance, Steve Rogers for Capricorn, even if his birthday is on July 4 and he’s a Cancer!)


1. Aries (March 20 - April 20): Black Widow 

Despite having no superpowers, Natasha Romanoff is one of the strongest and courageous members of the Avengers team. Just like Aries, she is never afraid to face and solve all the problems, even the most dangerous ones. She will do everything to protect her loved ones, just like she demonstrated in Endgame. And like a true Fire sign, she can have slight issues with her temper, so don’t ever think about messing with the most badass woman of the MCU. 



2. Taurus April 20 - May 20): Black Panther 

Taurus is a very interesting sign. From outside, they may seem very calm, cold, even indifferent, but around their close people, they become very warm and jolly, having a good sense of humor. They care a lot for their loved ones and know what’s their responsibility. These characteristics suit T’Challa perfectly, as he always seemed really cool and always had a sense of nobility and royalty in him. 



3. Gemini (May 20 - June 20): Iron Man

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. That’s how Tony Stark described himself, so no wonder why he’s a perfect match for a Gemini, a sign with dual personality. Stark can work great in a team but also prefers to be alone. He is a little self-centered and egoistical but will give his life to protect the world. He’s often moody but always has a good joke ready in his pocket. So, all Geminis can proudly say “I am Iron Man!”



4. Cancer (June 20 - July 20): Spider-Man 

How do most fans describe Peter Parker? “Aww, our precious little child!” Like Cancer, Peter’s quite emotional and sometimes he lets his feelings take control and feels devastated, ready to give up and find a way to escape. But once the “drama period” passes by, he pulls himself together and jumps out of the window to save the world once again. 


5. Leo (July 20 - August 20): Thor

Well, did you expect anything else for this sign? Thor is a true Leo -- he’s a born King, a leader and warrior. He’s dauntless, adventurous, and funny as hell. Around Thor (or any Leo), you feel like the best version of yourself. However, the Summer Fire sign can be ambitious as well, blinded by their power, so sometimes they need to “come back to Earth” to become less egoistical and be worthy again.  



6. Virgo (August 20 - September 20): Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has a very strong personality and willpower. She’s very practical and fast-thinking when it comes to making decisions yet she can be a little stubborn. Does this sound Virgo enough? Virgos like helping others but don’t like accepting anyone else’s help or support. They (both Virgo signs and Carol) are very sympathetic and kind, though they don’t always show their true feelings. 



7. Libra (September 20 - October 20): Hawkeye

Just like a true Libra, Clint Barton’s character is all about balance. He’s an amazing observer, knowing when to wait and when to start acting. Clint’s very introverted but he loves good company. He likes to keep his life and work in harmony as much as possible. 



8. Scorpio (October 20 - November 20): Scarlet Witch 

Even though people may consider Wanda Maximoff to be a Fire sign, she’s actually more like a misunderstood Scorpio. Her character is very complicated; you definitely can’t call her a hero, but she’s not the villain either. She has the inner battle going on inside her, and she often lets her emotions, especially the destructive ones, affect her actions. Like Wanda, Scorpios are great empaths, as they sense others’ feelings as well as their own. 



9. Sagittarius (November 20 - December 20): Hulk

When Bruce Banner becomes angry, he can’t help but turn into Hulk, unable to control himself, and after the transformation, he doesn’t even remember what he did. That’s how you can describe a Sagittarius. They don’t smash everything and everyone, but once they lose their temper, they can turn into a “scary monster” as well. The next minute, they’ll act like everything’s perfectly fine. But once they find balance between their two parts, they can become a strong, smart, funny and great people, just like Bruce did inEndgame



10. Capricorn (December 20 - January 20): Captain America

Steve Rogers has the potential of being a true Capricorn. He’s serious, quite conservative, resourceful, and an old soul (literally). He’s very stubborn, and once he makes up his mind, no one can persuade him back. Steve’s an overachiever -- if he wants to do something, he’ll never stop until it’s done and will never give up. That’s how he saved the universe a couple of times. Do you see the resemblances with the level-minded Earth sign? 



11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 20): Doctor Strange

The most magical Marvel hero for the most mysterious zodiac sign; sounds fair, doesn’t it? Stephen Strange started out as a very practical and skeptic man. He didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see. But one experience was enough for him to change his mind, broadening his horizons and accepting something impossible. He’s wise, sarcastic, and upfront, and his way of thinking is different from everyone else. A true Aquarius, if you ask me. 



12. Pisces (February 20 - March 20): Star-Lord

This choice may not seem too obvious, but if you think about it, you’ll see the resemblances. Peter Quill is a very romantic and nostalgic person. He’s intuitive, emotional, and impulsive rather than logical. He goes with the flow of life, is very easy-going, and won most of his battles not with his strength or cool weapons but due to his creative solutions to the problems. A Pisces will have lots of similarities with Quill.