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3 Activities To Do Indoors During Winter!

Written by Ariel Byrns. Published: December 28 2022

Winter is the season of early nights, foggy mornings, and cozy fireplaces. But it is also the season of blizzards, dry skin, and freezing fingers. On cold winter days where the snow and freezing temperatures are too much to bear, try out these indoor activities to keep you occupied!


1. Try Out a New Recipe

Canceling your night out because of the snow doesn’t mean you have to sit at home with nothing to do. Why not use your going-out budget to splurge on ingredients to make something you’ve been eyeing in your recipe collection? It could be a well-loved, passed-down family recipe, or something unique you have been meaning to try your hand at. Now is the time to carve out an hour or two and cook a hearty meal for yourself and your family. Light some candles, break out the nice dishware, and transform the dark cold night into a cozy dinner party!


2. Have An At-Home Spa Day

On days where your hands are dry and cracking, your face is red and stinging from the cold, and your toes just can’t seem to get warm, you know it’s time for a spa day. But instead of getting bundled up in endless layers to venture out to the spa, why not recreate the experience at home for cheaper, where you can stay close to the radiator? Break out your best mud masks, foot exfoliators, holiday-colored nail polish, and hunker down in your room for some rest and relaxation. Complete your spa day with a warm bath using your favorite bath bomb and a nice up of tea! 


3. Declutter Your Closet

This may not seem like a fun way to spend your snow day, but trust us when we say you will feel so much better after you get rid of the clutter that has been overtaking your closet. Start by taking everything out of your closet and organize your clothes into categories. Create one pile for shirts, one for pants, one for pajamas, etc. That way, you will be able to visually see how many of each item you have. If you end up with more T-shirts than you can wear in a year, you know it is time to downsize your collection! Have some fun with the process – try stuff on, brainstorm outfit ideas, and dance along to some music to make the process more bearable. Once you’ve decided what to keep and donate, you can rearrange your closet to your liking. You’ll quickly realize that you are only left with the clothes you really love and will definitely wear. This is a great activity to do if you are looking to make some space in your closet for some incoming seasonal fashions! 


Stay warm, everybody!