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12 Insta Posts That Prove Idris Elba Deserves To Be The Sexiest Man Alive!

Written by Brooke Sharland. Published: November 08 2018


Okay, what the HECK. When I heard that Idris Elba was named People Magazine’s 2018 “Sexiest Man Alive”, I seriously said to myself, “WAIT...He hasn’t been already? Seriously?” So, it’s about dang time he got this title. I mean… have you seen him?



Previous owners of this title from the last few years include Blake Shelton, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, and Adam Levine. And while all these men ARE sexy, dreamy, beautiful, wonderful, etc…. Idris Elba holding this title has been a long time coming.


To celebrate, we thought we’d throw together some of Elba’s best moments from the last year to show how TRULY deserving he is of this title.


JANUARY: That FACE. Enough said.


Sundance fun festival 2018 #sundancefilmfestival

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FEBRUARY: When he posted this ADORABLE boomerang highlighting his inability to wink


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MARCH: A relatable icon, truly.


When you’ve got bubble guts but you have to show face @sabrinadhowre had my back though..??:)... Joking...

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APRIL: When he shared this video that just instantly made him 100 times more attractive, if that’s even possible.


Boom.... New music out on @7.wallace from @brettgouldmusic ⚡️. Link in bio

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MAY: Met Gala after-party vibes. Need I say more? COME. ON. LOOK AT HIM!


Met Gala after party vibes. ?@sabrinadhowre ❤️

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JUNE: When he celebrated Father’s Day with the fam and we all swooned.


JULY: When he was cheesin' hard because it was Friday.


AUGUST: You can’t even see his whole face, yet you know he just looks GOOD.


Get yours @2hrset ?

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SEPTEMBER: When he celebrated his birthday and just looked TOO GOOD to be 46.


Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!!❤️❤️??????

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OCTOBER: This badass pic from the new Fast and Furious. Just Wow.


NOVEMBER: When he looked SO good in this outfit. I’m convinced he’s the only one who could pull something like that off.


?- @sabrinadhowre aka Halle Berry...Monster Ballin... Photo cred...check.

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And finally, from earlier this week when he celebrated his “Sexiest Man Alive” title AND encouraged all of his followers to get out to the polls and vote. What a king!


Congratulations, Idris Elba. Congrats on your face, on your career, and on this high esteem. We’ve known in our hearts all along that you truly were the Sexiest Man Alive, and now you have the official title. Let’s hope the next year brings us nothing but incredible moments in your career and adorable moments on your Instagram.


(Image via Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)


- Brooke Sharland, YH Contributing Writer