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10 Steps to Becoming TikTok’s “That Girl”!

04-02-2022 by Jordyn McEvoy

(Kaylie Stewart/TikTok/@kaylieestewart)


The hashtag “#thatgirl” has had 2.9 billion views on TikTok at its peak, and everyone can't get enough of the VSCO-filtered lifestyle that will inspire you to buy a bullet journal within seconds of scrolling. “That girl” is the queen of romanticizing her life, drinking her water out of beautiful glass bottles, and finding that inner glow synthetic happiness just can’t produce. Most importantly, “that girl” is achievable. If you follow these 10 simple, life-affirming steps, “that girl” can become you, girl!


#1: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a girl healthy, wealthy, and wise! 

Establishing a proper sleep schedule is important for a plethora of reasons -- it lowers stress levels, allows for a full night of genuine rest, and even your dopamine levels see a rise during your waking hours! While the pandemic has had us all binging "Euphoria" until 2am, getting some shut-eye can save you some serious drama queen moments. 


#2: Eat breakfast!

If you aren’t a breakfast person, there’s no time like tomorrow to change that. A well-balanced breakfast can provide you with all of your vitamins and nutrients for the day, with the added bonus of natural energy. Coffee is a blessing, but an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


#3: Drink your leafy greens!

Did you know that you can buy a personal blender for $15 at most major retailers? And with that one-serving cup, you can fit all of the vegetables and protein you’ll need all day while still having room for delicious fruits and preferred flavors. Two cups of dark, leafy greens per day is the magical health hack you’ve always been looking for. 


#4: Make your bed! 

Being “that girl” is all about your mindset, and there’s no better way to set a standard of organization like making your bed in the morning. Also, let’s be honest here -- if you don’t love coming home to a freshly-made bed, I have some serious questions for you. 


#5: Make new friends, but keep the old ones…

As the internet grows bigger, studies are showing that we, as individuals, have never felt more alone. So get out! Plan a picnic with your friends, try that new coffee shop, or join a new club in school. Socialization is the key to pep in your step. 


#6: The magic elixir: Green tea! 

If you’re a fan of the matcha craze sweeping the nation, then you will love a strong cup of plain green tea. It’s got the earthy, grounded flavors of matcha in a simple form that will clear your sinuses, wake you up in the morning, and give you a guilt-free drink to enjoy at all times. Add a spoonful of honey for extra heart-healthy benefits!


#7: Put down that phone!

Our screen time is probably one of our main energy-drainers, and we don’t even realize it! There’s no magic number of hours we should spend on our phones, but by being intentional with your time and logging off when you’re scrolling on autopilot will save you from those horrible blue-light headaches. 


#8: Surround yourself with things you love!

Marie Kondo was right, y’all. By clearing out that clutter and creating a space that brings you joy, you’ll find normally mundane tasks more pleasant and possible. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, forming that perfect space can revolutionize your routines. 


#9: Eat well! 

First and foremost, note that “well” does not always mean “healthy.” If you want to eat that chocolate bar, eat it! If you listen to your body and the things it craves, the more likely you’ll find yourself creating balanced meals that allow for the fun junk foods too. 


#10: Practice gratitude!

Writing down five things that you are grateful for every day creates an endless list of happiness to look back on when times are tough. You’ll become more mindful of the good and less resentful of the bad when you intentionally seek out the positive influences in your life.