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10 Burning Questions We Had After Watching 'Bird Box'!

Written by Kyla Killackey. Published: January 06 2019


It’s clear that pretty much everyone in the world and Kim Kardashian has now seen Bird Box, so I thought it was time to add my own two cents on the movie that has everyone talking.


Last week, Netflix announced that over 45 million accounts had watched Bird Box in the first 7 days after its release, making it the best first week of any Netflix film. And if you think about how many people use the same Netflix account, I’m guessing the number of people who have actually seen the movie is a helluva lot more. Yeah, Sandra Bullock did that.




But… as much as I love Sandy B. in a blindfold and that smol brave Girl, I have some questions, and they have been keeping me up at night. Please put your blindfold back on if you haven’t seen Bird Box, spoilers lie ahead!


1. Let’s just get right into the big stuff, shall we? What the hell is this monster/entity?!? This is really many questions because they gave us literally no answers. Where did it come from, why is it here, how did it get to the U.S. from Russia so quick, is it an actual corporeal thing or is it something in the air, could it have travelled through people seeing it on their TV screens, are there multiple entities??? I understand leaving some of it up to our imagination, but they gave us nothing at all! Does it have a shape/face? What is with the leaves floating around it? How does it affect so many people at once? Is it the Smoke Monster from "Lost"? Please give me something, anything, to go on!!!!


2. And a follow up: What does it actually do to people? There are a few different reactions that we see -- the spontaneous suicide, the deep sadness, the crazy people trying to make other people see it. Douglas’s wife Lydia started talking to her dead mother when she saw it, what was that about? It changes people’s eyes, at some point it starts making people hear things that aren’t real, but that doesn’t always happen. It seems like they were giving us clues about what this monster does but then just forgot to give us the big reveal at the end. This is killing me.


3. Is it only crazy people who are able to live after seeing it? What is the mythology behind them being possessed to make other people look at it? I need receipts.


4. Speaking of crazy – Gary? What is his backstory and how was he able to pretend to be normal for so long when none of the other crazies seemed to be able to? Were his creepy drawings what the monster looked like? I would appreciate a deeper dive into Gary’s character because he really screwed up everything I believed in at that point.


5. Lucy and Felix just dipped scene? That really came out of nowhere and then they were never mentioned again. What was the point of them?


6. Malorie? A couple things: what was the deal with her childhood? Who is Boy’s father? How big are her biceps after paddling for two days straight?


7. Seriously, how did those birds survive being submerged in the rapids? Or those 2 tiny children for that matter... I don’t buy it.


8. Why was there a school for the blind in the middle of a forest? And why was Rick willing to risk the sanctuary’s location by telling people over the radio? The crazies could have heard!


9. Why didn’t Malorie name Girl Ella? Olympia didn’t give us the greatest list of names to work with, but it seemed pretty obvious that she should have been named Ella. Am I right? Anyone?


10. Why did Tom have to die?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #NotOverIt


Let’s hope a therapist made it to the sanctuary because let me tell you, Malorie is going to need some help. If anyone has any answers, please let me know because I am struggling over here.


(Image via Netflix)


- Kyla Killackey, YH Contributing Writer