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Zayn Malik song is old One Direction demo

Pop star Zayn Malik's reported first solo song after quitting One Direction has been revealed as an old demo track by the boy band.

Following Malik's departure from the group last week (ends29Mar15), he had been spotted in a recording studio and reports surfaced that he is teaming up with British writer/producer Naughty Boy for a solo effort.

The producer retweeted a cryptic video message addressing the rise of 'Zaughty', a blend of his and Malik's names. He then posted a link to a demo of a song called I Won't Mind, which he claims features Malik's vocals.

However, a source close to Malik tells Entertainment Tonight that the "leaked" track is not a new solo song but an old track that the boy band was thinking of including on an album.

The insider says, "This was just a rough demo of a track which was recorded for the last One Direction album. It didn't make it onto the album and it's not new, nor is it a solo track from Zayn."

The friend adds, "Everything in the last few weeks happened so fast - Zayn knows it's going to take a while for things to settle down. He loves music and making music will continue to be a huge part of his life but he hasn't made any specific plans yet for the future, he's just taking things day by day. He was totally genuine in his reasons for leaving the band."

The news of the "Zaughty" track has sparked a rivalry between Naughty Boy and Malik's former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who responded to the producer's tweet by writing, "Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you're so inconsiderate pal , seriously how f**king old are you ? Grow up ! #masterofallwisdom"

Naughty Boy later addressed the controversy in hopes of settling tensions and wrote, "no one is against anyone here. the fans made all of us. not just a chosen few. the love is alive. hate just doesn't belong there."

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